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Minimalism in Photography

Philosophers believe that minimalism is the key to true happiness. Designers will tell designers that mastering minimalism is mastering design. Minimalist photography has its charm. Minimalism does not mean that you should avoid editing the mundane or taking fewer photos. It is about capturing the essence of the subject. Photography is all about mastering minimalism. We will be discussing minimalism and how photographers can embrace it as part of their photography approach. It is about focusing your efforts on the vital elements of your work. Many people have heard the… Read More

The Ultimate List Of Must-Read Books For Photographers

You can now find all the information you need online. Despite living in the digital age, there is nothing like reading a book. You can turn the pages and create your books. These books are packed with information and life lessons for photographers. These books will be informative and entertaining for professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike. These books are a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom that the internet cannot match. These 10 books are essential for every photographer. What they don’t teach you in photo school author: Demetrius Fordham… Read More

10 Tips for Boosting Your Instagram Game

While you may not always have your DSLR with you, you will always have your phone handy. Creative opportunities are all around you, and you need to be open to them. These tips will help you to create spontaneous photo shoots from everyday life. If you have a business, chances are you’re on Instagram. It’s one of the fastest-growing social networks, hitting 1 billion users and counting! But not every business is using Instagram to its highest potential. Here are 11 ways you can get on top of your Instagram… Read More

Inspiration Friday: 10 Artists and 10 Projects, 10 Inspirational Ideas

You’re here. It’s done! Here’s the article that brings you all the best photography inspiration. We searched far and wide to find projects that would inspire you as an artist. Today’s cover features some truly innovative photos and clever, thoughtful, and creative projects from all over the internet. The collection is a mixture of individual photos and the talent of talented artists. Each photo is worth a thousand words. Let me now tell instead of telling. These are the top 10 inspiring web photography projects: Street Art 2.0 By Philippe… Read More

What’s Hot: Cities Most Popular Images Category

Each stock photographer strives for the same goal. It would be best to do some research on the best stock photos to sell. The top photos in each category are intended to help you better understand what type of imagery is most in demand. We wanted to find out which cities stepped up and pulled together this year. So we asked you not just about food and culture, as we always do, but also about community projects, green space and sustainability. We were after the cities that were not only… Read More

7 Unconventional Tips to Master Landscape Photography

It is easy to find tips for any photography. There are no rules when it comes to nature. Here are some expert tips, but with an unconventional twist that embraces the wild. Tip #1 – Get your exploring boots on and be prepared If you are on a mission to document the beauty of nature and the wilderness, you should be prepared. While this is a time to explore and be spontaneous, it’s also a good time to learn more about the area. Keep your eyes open, be curious, but… Read More

Fantastic Suggestions To Click Better Pictures With Your GoPro

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into adventure, action or travel photography – you can still create beautiful photography with your GoPro camera. GoPro cameras are known to be the best action cameras out there in the market, but for a beginner, they can be tricky to get hold of. To get the best out of your GoPro camera, you need to experiment with the buttons, settings, angles and various other light sources.  It should be known that the process of performing photography with GoPro will be different compared to a… Read More

About Magical Places Fine Art Photography

I’m a photographer, writer, web designer and traveller. I’m driven by a desire to travel to new places and photograph them and the people there. My photography focuses on travel, and I’ve created Magical Places Fine Art Photography as a showcase of my finest work. The purpose of the business is to make the photos I take of some of the world’s most magical places available to everybody. Along the way I hope I inform and entertain. The most important thing for me is that you like my photography and… Read More

Photpgraphy Style

Whether you are a parent wanting beautiful pictures of your children, an amateur photographer looking to learn more about portrait photography or somebody who just likes to read an interesting interview accompanied by pretty pictures, these posts are for you…The interview Introduction: I’m 29 years old, a photographer and mum to two lovely little boys. I love my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else! When and how did you fall in love with photography? I’m an artistic and creative person by nature and have always admired photography and… Read More

How much does photo restoration cost?

The first time a photo is printed or sent to the lab, it begins its life. From there their journeys are unknown. They are usually displayed above the fireplace, but they can also be lost in a damp basement. You might keep it in your wallet or hide it behind a chimney breast for 100 years. Photo restoration attempts to reverse the ravages time. How much does photo restoration cost? There is no single price for photo restoration. Photos can be slightly damaged, or even completely faded. The sun removes… Read More