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About Magical Places Fine Art Photography

I’m a photographer, writer, web designer and traveller. I’m driven by a desire to travel to new places and photograph them and the people there. My photography focuses on travel, and I’ve created Magical Places Fine Art Photography as a showcase of my finest work. The purpose of the business is to make the photos I take of some of the world’s most magical places available to everybody. Along the way I hope I inform and entertain. The most important thing for me is that you like my photography and… Read More

Photpgraphy Style

Whether you are a parent wanting beautiful pictures of your children, an amateur photographer looking to learn more about portrait photography or somebody who just likes to read an interesting interview accompanied by pretty pictures, these posts are for you…The interview Introduction: I’m 29 years old, a photographer and mum to two lovely little boys. I love my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else! When and how did you fall in love with photography? I’m an artistic and creative person by nature and have always admired photography and… Read More

How much does photo restoration cost?

The first time a photo is printed or sent to the lab, it begins its life. From there their journeys are unknown. They are usually displayed above the fireplace, but they can also be lost in a damp basement. You might keep it in your wallet or hide it behind a chimney breast for 100 years. Photo restoration attempts to reverse the ravages time. How much does photo restoration cost? There is no single price for photo restoration. Photos can be slightly damaged, or even completely faded. The sun removes… Read More

Know about the numerous advantages of hiring a professional wedding photographer

Weddings are a special occasion, and the memories from them should be treasured. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events that you want to remember forever. A fantastic photograph by a professional photographer can help you to preserve all special moments by delivering the best results.   Choosing a professional photographer to capture the wedding is a wise option that will pay off in the long run. You’ll be able to relish the collection of lovely memories later on by seeing the high-resolution photographs, which will undoubtedly improve the viewing experience. Why to hire… Read More

All You Need to Know About Selecting the Perfect Commercial Photographer

Whether you are looking to market a product or make an impact on their audience, you need the right content to go with the perfect commercial picture to go with the same. Only then, it would be effective enough to sell the product in the first place which is all the more reason that you need to take care when it comes to selecting a commercial photographer. Sure, you can go ahead with a simple Google search and be prepared for a lot of crap, for you are bound to… Read More

All You Need To Know About The Basics Of Interior Design Photography

Although shooting interior photography might look effortless at first, it does take a lot of consideration and thoughts for the ideal photo. Like with any type of photography, interior design photographers must also follow the basics to make the most out of their skillset.  The following are some of the most popular interior design photography basics that you utilize to take your photography prowess to the next level.  The Basics Of Interior Design Photography Utilizing Natural Lighting There’s no doubt that natural lighting is the ideal source of light for… Read More

The Best 5 Backdrops to Glorify Your Pictures!

Love photography? We know you love to try those different angles and experiment with poses. Apart from this, you even try to create magic in your pictures with various ideas to glamorise it. And amazing backdrops are one of the features that bring life to your photographs. But often we see that even impressive subjects in a photograph aren’t properly portrayed because of dull backdrops and monotonous surroundings. That is why they say that a photograph is complete with the help of a photographers skill, the captivating attraction of the… Read More

What Happens When You Don’t Opt for Wedding Photography Services?

Wedding albums are a must-to-have, but finding a talented photographer is a challenging job. So, you have decided to do it on your own with the help of friends or relatives. Or you could be assigning it to an amateur photographer to restrict your wedding on a budget.  So, let us understand what exactly happens when you don’t choose a wedding photographer.  Your Friends or Relatives Get Stuck in the Photo-clicking Job  Your wedding day is not a day to employ your best friend or closest relative to click pictures…. Read More

Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Photographer for the First Time

In case you’re planning to hire a corporate photographer, then you’re most probably wondering regarding the procedure for the same and the things that should be considered as well. There are so many professionals out there in the market these days but not everyone can perform your task in the right manner.  There are indeed multiple things to be considered before you hire a corporate photographer such as a professional photographer in Sydney, besides having your vision regarding what you’re planning to achieve. It will help you to know whether… Read More

Pay for an Interior Photographer — Get Buyers Free!

Real estate is blooming, and it is getting the expected attention too! Result — increasing competition and divided sales. Here comes the need of planning and creating something extraordinary, totally out of this world! But even if you do so, how’d you let the world know? And say, you did that too, and then aren’t your competitors following your footsteps as well? Grabbing the attention of your customer is a struggle in every sense. Especially in real estate business, where the sales commence with millions, you have to be sure… Read More