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February 4, 2014

weve movedThank you for visiting our original blog. This is a special one for us, a place where we’ve been able to record and share so many stories from the past years – weddings, journeys, adventures, and the birth of our beautiful daughter. While this collection of postings here remains alive, we’ve been crafting a fresh new home at rusticwhite.com to reflect our growth as people and as artists. It’s been an absolute labour of love, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Come visit us at the new Rustic White.

January 21, 2014

We are thrilled to share the New Zealand based blog, Love My Way has featured the Honeymoon Island Beach Bridal Shoot we dreamed up with FH Weddings & EventsMalindy Elene, and Michele Renee.  To see the entitre post on Love My Way CLICK HERE, and to see the entire styled shoot CLICK HERE.

Love My Way Feature-Robert & Tiffany

December 31, 2013

We have so many blessings to be thankful for this year…not just personally, but professionally.  The new friends we’ve made, creatives we’ve partnered with and couple’s we’ve worked with have spoiled us with their hearts and kindness.  Allison and Ryan are precisely one of these couples. We can’t thank them enough for allowing us to capture their beautiful wedding day, and we can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for these two.

Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White001 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White002 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White003 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White004 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White005 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White006 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White007 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White008 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White009 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White010 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White011 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White012 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White013 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White014 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White015 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White016 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White017Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White019 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White020 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White021 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White022 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White023 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White024 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White025 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White026Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White028 Allison and Ryan Wedding_Rustic White029Wishing everyone a beautiful and joyous New Year’s celebration.

-Robert & Tiffany

December 30, 2013

In sitting down to write about Courtney and Seth we read this loving note that sums up the faith and heart of these two; “First we would like to give thanks to God for blessing us with each other.  Thank you to our parents for showing us unconditional love and support throughout our lives.  We are who we are today because of you and we love you very much.  Thank you to our family and friends.  We are happy we could share this special day with you and we are truly blessed to be surrounded with so much love and support.” ~Courtney & Seth

Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White001 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White002 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White003Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White005 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White006 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White007 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White008 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White009 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White010 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White011 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White012 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White013 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White014 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White015 Courtney & Seth Wedding_Rustic White016

-Robert & Tiffany

December 29, 2013

What a beautiful couple and beautiful way to close out 2013.  No amount of rain could dampen the love or spirit of these two beautiful individuals. We can’t wait to share more, but here is a sneak peek of Courtney and Joey’s beautiful Kimball Hall wedding.

2013-12-29_0001 2013-12-29_0002 2013-12-29_00032013-12-29_0006

-Robert & Tiffany

December 23, 2013

HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White001

A holiday gathering spot for the kiddo’s….and where we would most likely end up.  We had a blast capturing this interactive crafting and snack station for HGTV’s Holiday House.  To see more DIY and design ideas CLICK HERE.

HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White002 HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White003 HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White004 HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White005 HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White006-Robert & Tiffany

December 22, 2013

Before we pack it up and head back to Atlanta we had to share a sneak peek from Jill and Neil’s beautiful Savannah wedding.


Wishing everyone a beautiful week,

-Robert & Tiffany

December 18, 2013

There’s no doubt it can be awkward to have your photo taken.  For this reason we always tell couple’s don’t worry we’ll micromanage the posing.  It takes the weight off, and allows you to just relax and be free.  Every once in a while though you get a couple like Nicole and Dan… avid and open about their PDA we loved simply strolling along and capturing these two as they naturally snuggled up and loved on each other.  Nicole and Dan…you two are truly a light and we cannot wait until your Foxhall wedding next spring.

Nicole and Dan_Rustic White001 Nicole and Dan_Rustic White002Nicole and Dan_Rustic White004Nicole and Dan_Rustic White003Nicole and Dan_Rustic White006Nicole and Dan_Rustic White005

-Robert & Tiffany

December 16, 2013

style me pretty living

For the past year we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with fashion, food and lifestyle blogger Mandy of Waiting on Martha.  Typically Tiff and Mandy coordinate, collaborate and conspire about what the next shoot is going to be for a few days to a few weeks beforehand.  I usually stay out of the way until the final twenty four hours when Tiff gives me the rundown of where we are going and what we are capturing.  Sometimes the shoot is a simple cocktail in Mandy’s home, and sometime’s what starts as a simple capture of some hot cocoa goes through the Mandy/Tiffany wheelhouse and comes out the other side as four bloggers, two clothing stores, one Christmas tree farm and a bunch of cute kiddos celebrating the holidays around a hot cocoa party.

We are thrilled to share this hot cocoa party is on the lovely Style Me Pretty Living where Mandy is now a monthly contributor.  If you’d like to see the entire post on SMP and get the recipes CLICK HERE.

WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White001 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White002 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White003 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White004 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White005 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White006 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White007 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White008 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White009 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White010 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White011 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White012 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White013 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White014 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White015 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White016 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White017 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White018 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White019 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White020 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White021 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White022 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White023 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White024 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White025 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White026 WOM SMP Christmas_Rustic White027Wishing you and your’s a very Merry Christmas,

-Robert & Tiffany


Concept & Styling | Mandy Kellogg Rye, Waiting on Martha
Photography | Rustic White Photography
Hair & Makeup | Dina Shelton For Stila Cosmetics
All Clothing | Gap, Gap Kids & Old Navy
Chalkboard Art | Jessica Garvin, J & Paper
Chalkboard Sign | World Market
In Collaboration With | Wonderfully Lost
In Collaboration With | Hunted Interiors
In Collaboration With | In Honor of Design
Mugs, Marshmallows & Hot Chocolate Sticks | Ticket Chocolate
Ornaments & Stars | Waiting on Martha
Peppermint Stir Stichs | Michael’s
Tray, Plates & Reindeer Bowls | Waiting on Martha

December 10, 2013

Since our day after sneak peeks are coming a little late it’s a double header sneak peek day, and we’re closing it out with the beautiful Allison and Ryan.  We can’t wait to share more of these two and their gorgeous Brickyard wedding, but here is a look at their amazing day.

Marietta Square Wedding, Brick Yard WeddingMarietta Square Wedding, Brick Yard Wedding 2013-12-10_0005 2013-12-10_0006

-Robert & Tiffany