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4:36 pm

HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White001

A holiday gathering spot for the kiddo’s….and where we would most likely end up.  We had a blast capturing this interactive crafting and snack station for HGTV’s Holiday House.  To see more DIY and design ideas CLICK HERE.

HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White002 HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White003 HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White004 HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White005 HGTV Kids Room_Rustic White006-Robert & Tiffany

3:26 pm

You can’t beat the holidays when it comes to family and food, so we were thrilled to capture this Christmas inspired brunch with Waiting on Martha and Vietri.  Enjoy some of the festive beauty, and head over to Waiting on Martha for a special giveaway.

WOM Vietri_Rustic White001 WOM Vietri_Rustic White003 WOM Vietri_Rustic White004 WOM Vietri_Rustic White005 WOM Vietri_Rustic White006 WOM Vietri_Rustic White007 WOM Vietri_Rustic White008

Happy Monday,

-Robert & Tiffany

4:05 pm

HGTV White on White_Rustic White001

We are suckers for a clean open space, so we had a blast capturing this white on white holiday tablescape for HGTV’s Holiday House.  To see more designs and DIY ideas from this year’s Holiday House CLICK HERE.

HGTV White on White_Rustic White002 HGTV White on White_Rustic White003 HGTV White on White_Rustic White004 HGTV White on White_Rustic White005 HGTV White on White_Rustic White006

-Robert & Tiffany

6:46 pm

HGTV Brunch_Rustic White001

It’s that time of year, and we were thrilled to help capture HGTV’s Holiday House this year.  To see more Holiday Brunch ideas or to check out all the DIY projects in this year’s Holiday House CLICK HERE.

HGTV Brunch_Rustic White002 HGTV Brunch_Rustic White003 HGTV Brunch_Rustic White004 HGTV Brunch_Rustic White005 HGTV Brunch_Rustic White006 HGTV Brunch_Rustic White007-Robert & Tiffany

1:57 pm

We love a good challenge and projects that push us outside our comfort zone….and we especially enjoy meeting new people and working with local businesses, so when Alia from IceBox Cryotherapy started talking with us about capturing the local Crossfit team, Crossfit RX, before they head to LA to compete in the finals, we were stoked.  A far take from capturing couples on their wedding day this shoot was to take place in any free space we could find inside Crossfit RX’s gym…while workouts were going on…and we had approximately a 30 minute window to capture the set-ups.  Time constraints, space restrictions, and additional people moving around…now this felt a bit more like shooting on a wedding day.

All said and done we truly can’t say enough great things about Alia at IceBox Cryotherapy, or the team of Crossfit RX.  Truly one of the nicest and insanely fit group of people.  We wish them a great competition at the finals later this month.

Crossfit RX, Team Crossfit RX, CFRX, Crossfit Gyms in Atlanta

-Robert & Tiffany

2:46 pm

Nothing quite like an early morning photo shoot of summer cocktails…especially when those cocktails are with the talented Mandy of Waiting on Martha, and for the lovely Sweet Lemon Magazine.

Sweet Lemon Magazine, Cocktails, Summer Cocktails, Summer Cocktail Recipes, Waiting on Martha, Mandy Sweet Lemon Feature_Rustic White002 Sweet Lemon Feature_Rustic White003It’s five o’clock somewhere,

-Robert & Tiffany

6:23 pm

We can’t get enough of collaborating with other creatives, and always enjoy hanging out with the energetic powerhouse that is Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha.  A few weeks back we stopped by her home to capture this summertime centerpiece she designed for the summer issue of Delighted Magazine.

Delighted Magazine, Peonies, Waiting on Martha

-Robert & Tiffany

3:11 am

There is so much more we are dying to share from this stunning styled shoot we had the pleasure of being a part of, but we’ll have to wait until the fall issue of Occasions Magazine.  In the meantime here is a sneak peek from this lovely Serenbe Harvest photo shoot.

Serenbe, Serenbe Farm, Serenbe GA, Serenbe Community, Serenbe Styled Shoot, Serenbe Wedding Photography, Serenbe Photography, Serenbe Styled Photo Shoot, Serenbe Images, Rustic White Photography Serenbe Harvest Styled Shoot_Rustic White002 Serenbe Harvest Styled Shoot_Rustic White003 Serenbe, Serenbe Farm, Serenbe GA, Serenbe Community, Serenbe Styled Shoot, Serenbe Wedding Photography, Serenbe Photography, Serenbe Styled Photo Shoot, Serenbe Images, Rustic White Photography Serenbe Harvest Styled Shoot_Rustic White005

Venue | Serenbe
Styling | Waiting on Martha
Rentals | Blue Eyed Yonder
Florals | Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio
Videography | Imagine Video Productions
Makeup | Bluebird Artistry
Hair | Michelle McCoy
Paper Goods | Buzzy Craftery
Cakes | Anne Katheleen Cakes
Photography | Rustic White Photography

-Robert & Tiffany

12:33 pm

DIY Wedding ShowerHis Pinterest board leaves us with a dozen new project ideas, and a desire to move at least two walls around in our house.  In fact watching Brian Patrick Flynn and his creative team work only emphasizes how slow we can be at simply painting a wall, but getting to work with and capture some of Brian Patrick Flynn’s design work for DIY Network was an opportunity we were thrilled to be a part of.  An All-Amercian Backyard Barbecue Wedding Shower focused on letting guests and the hosts mingle and enjoy each other’s company in a laid-back and care-free atmosphere.  To see the entire DIY Network post over on their blog CLICK HERE.

DIY Wedding Shower, DIY Network Wedding Shower, All American Backyard Wedding Shower DIY Wedding Shower_Rustic White002 DIY Wedding Shower_Rustic White003 DIY Wedding Shower_Rustic White004 DIY Wedding Shower_Rustic White005 DIY Wedding Shower_Rustic White006

-Robert & Tiffany

1:18 am

A few weeks ago we blogged about out our upcoming shoot with The Bert Show.  This past Sunday we stepped into Big Studio at 8:00am and stepped out at 8:15pm, and somewhere in the middle we pulled off our first studio shoot.  Our e-mail to the creative team summarizes both how grateful we are for the experience, and how much we have learned and grown as photographers for having had this opportunity.

“I will try to keep this short, but I want to offer my sincerest thank you to everyone involved in yesterday’s shoot.  I had a nice talk with CJ after the shoot that gave me some insight on how the shoot seemed to flow and it was very encouraging.  Yesterday was the first time Tiff and I have ever shot inside a studio, and the first time I have ever shot with studio lights.  It is not lost on us how fortunate we are to have our very first studio shoot be for The Bert Show, and be as large a production as it was.  Thank you Bert, Stacey and everyone involved for giving us this opportunity.  I have to thank Tiff for finding Big Studio because I don’t think we could have had a better space, and thank you to Sarah the studio manager for showing me how to actually plug the studio lights in and turn them on.”

*Yes, I had no idea how to actually turn studio lights on before this.

The Bert Show_Rustic White001

Starting the day off on the cyc wall I had the lovely help of Tiff, Seth and Tara to sit in while I tested exposure.  Once set it was time for the cast of The Bert Show.

The Bert Show_Rustic White004

Bert Weiss, Host of The Bert Show.

The Bert Show_Rustic White018

Kristin Klingshirn, Co-Host and Jeff Dauler, Executive Producer of The Bert Show.

The Bert Show_Rustic White006

One of my favorite images of the day.  Stacey Weiss, Executive Director of Bert’s Big Adventure.

The Bert Show_Rustic White007

Part of the beauty of Big Studio is all of the set options it gives in one location.  After we wrapped the cyc it was only a slight shift to the left and we were able to continue our shots on this exposed brick wall.  Starting with The Bert Show cast and the entire Bert Show team.

The Bert Show, Bert Weiss, Rustic White Photography The Bert Show_Rustic White009

Troika studios, the creative marketing studio who works closely with both The Bert Show and Bert’s Big Adventure.

The Bert Show_Rustic White010

The ladies behind Bert’s Big Adventure, the non-profit we simply can’t say enough good things about.  You can see images from our last trip with Bert’s Big Adventure HERE.

The Bert Show_Rustic White011

It was certainly a full house at Big Studio.

The Bert Show_Rustic White014

Happy Friday

-Robert & Tiffany


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