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5:14 pm

There’s no doubt it can be awkward to have your photo taken.  For this reason we always tell couple’s don’t worry we’ll micromanage the posing.  It takes the weight off, and allows you to just relax and be free.  Every once in a while though you get a couple like Nicole and Dan… avid and open about their PDA we loved simply strolling along and capturing these two as they naturally snuggled up and loved on each other.  Nicole and Dan…you two are truly a light and we cannot wait until your Foxhall wedding next spring.

Nicole and Dan_Rustic White001 Nicole and Dan_Rustic White002Nicole and Dan_Rustic White004Nicole and Dan_Rustic White003Nicole and Dan_Rustic White006Nicole and Dan_Rustic White005

-Robert & Tiffany

3:36 am

We love that our clients often become friends, but equally as exciting is when our friends become clients.  We could not be more excited to be capturing our dear friend Jill’s wedding in less then a month.  Jill…we love you, we are so excited for you and Neil, and we are honored to be capturing this moment in your life.

Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White001 Stone Mountain Park Engagement Session, Stone Mountain Engagement Session, Stone Mountain Engagement Photography, Stone Mountain Engagement Photographers Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White004Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White003Stone Mountain Park Engagement Session, Stone Mountain Engagement Session, Stone Mountain Engagement Photography, Stone Mountain Engagement Photographers Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White006 Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White007 Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White008 Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White009Untitled_3242Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White011 Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White012 Jill & Neil Engagement_Rustic White013

-Robert & Tiffany

2:49 pm

As we set our sample albums back in the car we heard someone call our names.  Hannah’s mom was walking across the parking lot towards us. “Do you want the contract now?,” she asked.  You can’t help but feel a meeting went well when a couple wants to book you on the spot…but we never let a couple hire us at the first meeting.  Truth is we want them to sleep on it.  They’re asking us to be a part of a very special day in their lives, and we take the responsibility with great regard.  Now we are excited that Hannah slept on it, spoke with Marshall and still wanted to work with us because hanging out and capturing the love these two share was a perfect way to close out the weekend.  We can’t wait to document their beautiful White Oaks Barn wedding next spring, but here is a look at these two beautiful souls.

Hannah & Marshall Engagement_Rustic White001 Untitled_3202 Untitled_3203Hannah & Marshall Engagement_Rustic White004 Piedmont Park Engagement Photography, Piedmont Park Engagement Session, Piedmont Park Engagement Photographers Hannah & Marshall Engagement_Rustic White006 Hannah & Marshall Engagement_Rustic White007 Hannah & Marshall Engagement_Rustic White008 Hannah & Marshall Engagement_Rustic White009 Hannah & Marshall Engagement_Rustic White010 Hannah & Marshall Engagement_Rustic White011

-Robert & Tiffany

8:04 pm

We love exploring off the beaten path, especially when it comes to finding new locations to shoot in.  The trade off is sometimes off the beaten path can mean “hiking shoes required,” and this rarely makes for a good mix when it comes to having one’s picture taken….so we were excited to have found this little nook right in our own back yard.  Mix in a gorgeous couple who also happen to be incredibly funny and light hearted, and it was a sure sign of good times to ensue.  Paige and Jacob…you two are an absolute joy.  Though it may seem a ways off we can’t wait to capture your beautiful Flint Hill wedding next fall.

Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White013Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White004 Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White003 Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White002 Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White005 Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White006Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White016Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White015Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White010 Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White011 Paige & Jacob Engagement_Rustic White012

-Robert & Tiffany

6:31 pm

Though we won’t be available to capture these two on their wedding day we were thrilled when they asked us if we could meet up for an evening engagement session at the lovely Historic Fourth Ward park.  Hailing from the great state of Alaska we were absolutely intrigued by Ida’s story and how her and John Michael first met.  Who we were quite certain was British until he informed us he was born around the corner in Roswell, GA.  We wish these two an absolutely lovely engagement, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them.

Ida & John Michael_Rustic White001 Ida & John Michael_Rustic White002Ida & John Michael_Rustic White004 Ida & John Michael_Rustic White005 Ida & John Michael_Rustic White006 Ida & John Michael_Rustic White007 Ida & John Michael_Rustic White008-Robert & Tiffany

3:51 pm

We strive to always learn something new on shoots.  How to grow and become better photographers, or how to deliver a better experience for our clients.  Whatever it may be we are always looking for ways to improve and learn something new.  Then there are those times we learn something completely random.  Like…roosters sleep in trees.  A completely new and arbitrary fact we picked up while strolling through The Goat Farm Arts Center with Lauren and Michael.  A former cotton gin nestled in Atlanta’s westside district The Goat Farm reads like a photographer’s playground between it’s mix of textures and beautiful light.  Top it off with a few goats and some free range chicken walking about, and you quickly forget you are less then five minutes from the interstate.  Now I would love to say we picked out this beautiful backdrop for Lauren and Michael’s evening engagement session, but that credit goes to these two and their remarkable taste.  If this is any indication of all the beauty that will certainly be at their Flint Hill wedding next May it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited to capture it.

Lauren & Michael_Rustic White001 Untitled_2977 Untitled_2980 Untitled_2978 Untitled_2979 Untitled_2981 Lauren & Michael_Rustic White010 Lauren & Michael_Rustic White012 Lauren & Michael_Rustic White007 The Goat Farm Arts Center, The Goat Farm Engagement Photography, The Goat Farm Engagement Session Lauren & Michael_Rustic White002

-Robert & Tiffany

7:28 pm

The last time I ran a half marathon I wound up involuntarily napping the rest of the day.  I didn’t exactly train properly going into the race, and the run did come the morning after a late night wedding, but never the less I scratched it off my bucket list and felt completely comfortable saying that I had no interest in running a race any longer.  Then you meet a power house couple like Melissa and Marshall…who combined ran 23 miles the morning of their engagement session, and still had the energy to laugh and smile throughout the evening.  Safe to say this is a couple we can’t wait to capture on their wedding day.  Melissa and Marshall…you two are an absolute joy.  We can’t wait to see you both again soon, and wish you a great race next month.

Melissa and Marshall_Rustic White001 Melissa and Marshall_Rustic White002 Melissa and Marshall_Rustic White003Untitled_2957 Melissa and Marshall_Rustic White005 Melissa and Marshall_Rustic White006 Melissa and Marshall_Rustic White007 Melissa and Marshall_Rustic White008 Kennesaw Engagement Session, Antique Bike, Atlanta Georgia Engagement Session, Rustic Engagement Session

-Robert & Tiffany

2:46 pm

It’s become one of Atlanta’s hot little movie towns.  Perhaps most notably for The Walking Dead, but when Senoia isn’t playing host to zombies or the fancy footwork of 2011′s Footloose it’s just a quite southern town, and the perfect backdrop for an evening stroll along the streets.  Erin and Mike…you two are an absolute joy.  We wish you a beautiful engagement, and be sure to soak in each moment as it flies by so fast.

Erin & Mike are Engaged_Rustic White001 Erin & Mike are Engaged_Rustic White002Untitled_2811Erin & Mike are Engaged_Rustic White004Untitled_2809Untitled_2808

-Robert & Tiffany

12:48 am

It’s always been a known landmark in Atlanta, and with the upcoming release of the next Hunger Games film it is sure to gain some new publicity and notoriety.  Nevertheless it is a beautiful location and the perfect backdrop for Madison and Brian’s engagement session, but we can’t take credit for picking out the Swan House.  That credit goes to the beautiful bride-to-be Madison.  Beautiful, sweet and clearly with great taste we can’t wait to be a part of her and Brian’s Primrose Cottage wedding next spring.

Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White001 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White002 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White003Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White005Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White007 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White008 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White009 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White010 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White011 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White012 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White013 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White014 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White015 Madison & Brian are Engaged_Rustic White016

Hoping everyone had a beautiful long weekend,

-Robert & Tiffany

3:27 pm

It’s not the first time this summer we’ve been caught off guard by the rain.  Camera under my shirt the two of us stood pressed up under the trees. A hundred yards of open field between us and the car we patiently waited and hoped this would pass before Ariel and Jake arrived.  Gray skies and daily thunderstorms seem to be the new norm in the south, but in between there always seems to be a pocket of sun, and today was no different. As the rain turned to mist and eventually passed we made our way back through the field as Ariel and Jake arrived.  The weather may not always be ideal, but it’s amazing how a good sense of humor and grateful personality can make any situation a joy.  As much as we try to remember this mind set, Ariel and Jake seem to have it naturally radiate out of them.  The joy and happiness these two radiate around each other is contagious, and we cannot wait to capture what is sure to be a gorgeous Founder’s Hall wedding next spring.

Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White014Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White015Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White003 Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White004 Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White005Kennesaw GA Engagement Session, Kennesaw GA Engagement Photography, Rustic White Photography, Ariel and Jake are Engaged, Ariel and Jake, Kennesaw Engagement Photography Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White008 Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White009Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White011Ariel & Jake are Engaged_Rustic White012 Kennesaw GA Engagement Session, Kennesaw GA Engagement Photography, Rustic White Photography, Ariel and Jake are Engaged, Ariel and Jake, Kennesaw Engagement Photography

-Robert & Tiffany