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1:49 am

“Is it cool to see your all’s work all over the house?” Stacey asks.  I instinctively respond it is, but at the moment I didn’t realize just how cool and what a blessing it truly is.  We met the Weiss family right at the same time we first picked up cameras.  Stacey gave us some of our first opportunities to photograph when she asked Tiff to shoot Hollis’ 3 year old portraits.  I would link to those photos, but we didn’t yet have our blog…but if you want to check out some of our former shoots with Hollis CLICK HERE.  Since then we’ve had the opportunity to document Hollis and his older brother Hayden over the years as well as the entire Weiss family, The Bert Show, Bert’s Big Adventure and our random instagram images while hanging out with the lovely and always entertaining Weiss family.

Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White001 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White002 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White003 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White004 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White005 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White006 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White007 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White008 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White009 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White010 Hollis 6 year old Portraits_Rustic White011

-Robert & Tiffany

5:07 pm

We are extremely honored to share that Spearmint Baby has featured Hadley’s Blabla doll themed first birthday.  We love Hadley’s sweet little family, and adore Shari from Spearmint Baby (you can read more about her here), so to have these two come together has us pretty darn excited. To see the entire post on Spearmint Baby CLICK HERE, and to see Hadley’s entire first birthday post CLICK HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.45.35 PM

Happy Thursday,

-Robert & Tiffany


2:48 pm

It’s always an honor to be able to document a family over the years, but this sweet family is the first one we’ve been able to document right from the start.  We first met Brittany and Jay thirteen months ago when we photographed Brittany’s “Bumble Bee” themed baby shower, which was hosted by her dear friend, Kristin Klingshirn.  Before we left Brittany stopped us, and gave us such a sincere thank you that it still stands out to me over a year later how important capturing these moments really are.  Needless to say we were delighted when Brittany asked us if we would come back out to August to capture Hadley’s nursery and six-month portraits.  Now another six months later we were feeling a bit sentimental as we headed out to capture Hadley’s first birthday.

Untitled_12931 year old portraits, 1 year old birthday party, cute girl partyHadley 1st Birthday_Rustic White002 Hadley 1st Birthday_Rustic White003

Cuteness overload.  Between Hadley’s precious smile, and her nursery’s gorgeous light we could have spent all day hanging out and taking pictures right there.

Hadley 1st Birthday_Rustic White004 Hadley 1st Birthday_Rustic White0051 year old portraits, 1 year old birthday party, cute girl party

Like I said we could have spent all day taking pictures right there, but Hadley knew there was a party going on, and she was ready to be a part of it.

Hadley 1st Birthday_Rustic White008Hadley 1st Birthday_Rustic White010Hadley 1st Birthday_Rustic White012Hadley 1st Birthday_Rustic White014

Brittany and Jay… it was wonderful getting to see you both and your beautiful family.  Thank you for having us out and always making us feel like we’re just part of the family.

-Robert & Tiffany

5:37 am

“I am interested in entertaining people, in bringing pleasure, particularly laughter, to others,
rather than being concerned with ‘expressing’ myself with obscure creative impressions.” ~Walt Disney

We’ve been having so much fun we almost forget to get our sneak peek up on the blog.  Day 2 found us living large with the Bert’s Big Adventure families at Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios.  It’s hard to believe the trip is coming to a close, but there is still time to follow along on Twitter & Facebook.

Sat_BBA_Rustic White001 Sat_BBA_Rustic White002 Sat_BBA_Rustic White003 Sat_BBA_Rustic White004 Sat_BBA_Rustic White005 Sat_BBA_Rustic White006 Sat_BBA_Rustic White007 Sat_BBA_Rustic White008

Tomorrow is family day, and a chance for the families to do whatever they like, but be sure to tune in to The Bert Show Monday morning for the live broadcast from the ESPN Zone here at Disney.

-Robert & Tiffany

4:13 am

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney

It’s been an incredible first day, and since the clock just struck midnight (Cinderella pun intended) we are now officially on to our second full day at Disney World.  The 2013 Bert’s Big Adventure families are tucked away for the night, and exhausted they should be.  After all on Bert’s Big Adventure you don’t just visit Disney World… you visit DISNEY WORLD.  The families enjoyed breakfast at Tony’s, a stop by the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, time to explore the Magic Kingdom, a pool party, and so much more.  All and all it’s 14+ hours of non-stop excitement.

BBA Friday_Rustic White001 BBA Friday_Rustic White002 BBA Friday_Rustic White003 BBA Friday_Rustic White004 BBA Friday_Rustic White005 BBA Friday_Rustic White006 BBA Friday_Rustic White007

Don’t forget to follow along on instagram or twitter. #bba2013

-Robert & Tiffany

3:52 am

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting up with Lindsay Coletta and capturing a few images of her beautiful work.  Sweet as she is talented we can’t wait to see more of her beautiful designs.

Lindsay Coletta_Rustic White001Lindsay Coletta_Rustic White006 Lindsay Coletta_Rustic White002Lindsay Coletta_Rustic White005

-Robert & Tiffany


1:09 am

For the past two years we have been very blessed to be involved with the organization Bert’s Big Adventure.  God always seems to line things up beautifully, and our paths crossing with this amazing non-profit and the team behind it was not only a blessing for us in our business, but as a couple, and quite simply as individuals.  Every year the Bert’s Big Adventure trip gives as much to us emotionally as it gives to the families.  It’s a refresher that reminds us of our priorities and the power of seeking outside oneself to serve others.

We’re one week from meeting up with the families of Bert’s Big Adventure 2013, and as we organize and pack for our third trip we can’t wait to capture and share all the smiling faces.  If you’d like to check out images from last year’s Bert’s Big Adventure trip CLICK HERE, but here is a peek back at 2012′s Breanna as she sees Cinderella’s castle for the first time.


Now it’s not a debut song…or even us talking for that matter, but we were pretty excited the other day when we heard our company’s name on the radio.

-Robert & Tiffany

6:03 pm

Sometimes things just line up perfectly.  Like when Emily Ley posts on Twitter that she is looking for someone to shoot family photos in the Tampa area, and it just so happens that we will be in Tampa for an entire week shooting.  Now if you don’t know who Emily is you should definitely become acquainted with her work on Emily Ley.com and at Making Brands Happen.  Our first correspondence with Emily was two years ago when she helped us design our first business card.  Then this past October we had the opportunity to meet Emily and two other remarkable ladies (Lara Casey and Gina Zeidler) in person at the Making Things Happen tour.  We knew her sweet demeanor, genuine smile and love for the two men in her life would radiate through the lens…and it certainly did, so here is the beautiful as they are sweet Ley family.

Happy Tuesday,

-Robert & Tiffany

3:43 pm

A few weeks back we shared some of the wonderful families we had the opportunity to hang out with and document this fall.  Since then we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some new families, and catching up with some familiar faces.

The Marshall Family.

The Tatum Family.

The Shields Family.

The Rhyne Family.

The Orza Family.

Happy Wednesday,

-Tiffany & Robert

3:55 pm

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we had the opportunity to take a little road trip to visit the Weiss family at their beach house in Folly.  What follows is a tapestry of words one might here while photographing 11 family members on the beach.

Did you tell them 3:30 meaning 4:00, or 3:30 meaning 3:30?
We’ll shoot the entire family tonight, and Hayden’s portraits in the morning.
Do you want me to take the kids and get started?
We’ll start with the boys.
Please don’t kick the sand.
Are you okay to walk on the sand in those shoes?
Look over here.
Do you want some candy?
I like the light over here.
I’m using you for shade.
Are we missing anyone?
Drinks down.
Beautiful guys.
Where’s Hollis?
Brush your hair back.
Let me cheat everyone back for a second.
Don’t pick up the sand.
Whatever makes them laugh.
Everyone squeeze in a little tighter.
Grab Bert’s phone.
It’s for instagram.
We have maybe 10 more minutes of light.
Grab the M&M’s.
Did you get it?

Thank you Stacey and Bert for having us out to the beach house.  It has been such a blessing to document your family over the past two years. Love you guys.

-Robert & Tiffany