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3:36 pm

Always exciting to us is getting to photograph a couple for the first time.  It’s like the first day of a new job full of excitement and the promise of new adventure.  Sure the technical aspects are mostly the same, but interacting with the couple, seeing them through the lens, and watching how they interact is always a different experience.  Sometimes we are more hands on, and sometimes, like with Sarah and Mark, we simply hang back and watch.  This is what we saw.

One of favorites.  Stunning!

Sarah and Mark we simply adore you both, and cannot wait until your St. Ann’s wedding this November.

-Tiffany & Robert

5:58 pm

One of them graduated UGA the other graduated Tech, so for their engagement shoot we packed our bags and headed up to Athens.  A wrong turn or two as we traveled through Bulldog country, but we quickly met up with Shawn and Sally and got to shooting on a soft-lit Saturday morning.  I’ve only been to UGA’s campus one other time, so Sally and Shawn lead our tour.  We started at the arches where Sally had her graduation picture.  Of course this time she also has Shawn in the shot.

We strolled the campus for a bit before heading out to the UGA Garden Center.

My writing may have seemed succinct, but I’ve gotten to know Sally and Shawn over the last few months so it’s difficult to think about what story to share and in this case it’s easier to let the pictures speak for themselves.

We’re glad we can call you two friends.  Look forward to us all catching another concert in the not to distant future.