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The interview Introduction: I am what I call a Fine Art family portrait photographer specialising in Maternity shoots, natural newborn shoots and location family shoots. When and how did you fall in love with photography? Since a child I’ve always been the annoying one pointing the camera at people at parties and on school trips, and was bought a great manual Olympus OM2 for my 18th Birthday which takes amazing images and still does. I then worked in a large multinational company for nearly 10 years after university before rediscovering… Read More

How To Click Fantastic Photos?

If you’re looking for something a little bit different when it comes to a portrait of your child then take note of this post! Lorna Freytag not only photographs your child beautifully but she also creates a wonderful world for them to exist in. Originally from Edinburgh, Lorna has worked as a children’s photographer in New York, Dubai, London and Sydney. She is inspired by dark forests, magical landscapes and old fairytales and, using her imagination and digital skills, can create a fantastic fantasy image of your loved little ones. How… Read More

Heart and Soul: How Professional Photographers can Help You Get the Photos You were Looking For

There is no big deal to the creation of a professional picture. It time and again takes ages of practice; though, as a fresher shutterbug you will find that there are some tricks that will vividly advance your photography without ample effort. But after you smear the tricks given here and get to the point of acting as an experienced photographer, you will find that your advancement will be sluggish and you will have to attempt more to make your snap just a little better. See what professional photographers can… Read More