You’re here. It’s done! Here’s the article that brings you all the best photography inspiration. We searched far and wide to find projects that would inspire you as an artist. Today’s cover features some truly innovative photos and clever, thoughtful, and creative projects from all over the internet.

The collection is a mixture of individual photos and the talent of talented artists. Each photo is worth a thousand words. Let me now tell instead of telling. These are the top 10 inspiring web photography projects:

Street Art 2.0 By Philippe Echaroux

Philippe Echaroux elevated photography to a new level when he projected his artwork on the Amazon rainforest. This is a stunning, captivating project that also includes a commentary about deforestation and the native inhabitants who live there. Philippe showcases the power of innovative photography by using multiple media.

Creative Photo Manipulations By Hugh Kretschmer

Hugh Kretschmer creates surrealistic photographs for commercial and fine art projects. These images show the artist’s imagination and flight and take us to a new place to discover the hidden meanings of the works.

Aerial Wonders By Kacper Kowalksi

Kacper Kolaski used the changing seasons to give us a fresh perspective on nature. Using a paraglider and gyroplane, these photographs were taken 150m above the ground. Kacper’s original title was “Side Effects”. It explores the relationship between man, nature and man.

Bella Umbrella by Tim Tadder

Although the project is quite simple, it’s visually striking. Tim Tadder brings fashion photography with a twist. Fashion, smoke and vintage umbrellas are all you need to make an impression.

Combo Photos By Stephen McMennamy

Stephen McMennamyis, a freelance artist who launched the project Combo Photos. It is essentially about combining seemingly unrelated but perfectly fitting photos. Stephen McMennamy delivers some interesting shots and food for thought with a bit of humor and artistic flair. Another example of creative photographs that are infused with humor and wit.

Abandoned world by Suzanne Moxhay

Suzanne Moxhay seamlessly combines her photography with a collection of images. These stunning illusions create a sense of realism that makes places seem alive right before our eyes. Nature can disrupt architecture by juxtaposing the focal elements of each photograph.

The Red Line from Nicolas Rivals

French photographer Nicolas Rivals uses minimalistic light installations to create a rural setting. The artist leads us on a quiet, still, poetic journey about man and nature. The images are both mysterious and luring, and each one conveys a different message.

At Night By Andreas Levers

The art of Andreas Levers has a certain resemblance to a lucid dream. The photographer captures the beauty and tranquility of urban deserts beautifully. These photographs are beautiful, mysterious, and even a little scary.

Displaced by Christoffer Reseller

Christoffer Relander used double-exposure photography to capture the landscape within the jars. This project is a result of some nostalgic and precious memories. It illuminates another medium and a new mode of expression.

Found Art by Stuart Haygarth

Stuart Haygarth is a photographer who collects objects to tell their stories through photography. Stuart walked along the beach, collecting whatever he could see. This project turned out to be a huge success. These manufactured objects are a reminder of how much waste we create due to overconsumption.

These projects are meant to spark creativity and encourage you to make. Are there any other projects you would like to see in this collection? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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