Each stock photographer strives for the same goal. It would be best to do some research on the best stock photos to sell. The top photos in each category are intended to help you better understand what type of imagery is most in demand.

We wanted to find out which cities stepped up and pulled together this year. So we asked you not just about food and culture, as we always do, but also about community projects, green space and sustainability. We were after the cities that were not only thinking about them now but also the future. The ones were making life better both for us and for our grandkids.

And here are the results: the best cities in the world in 2022. This list was put together based on answers across every category in the poll and insights from Time Out editors and experts worldwide. 

Let’s look at some of the most popular images from the “Cities” category and discover the secrets that underlie the best-selling images. Each person can see and interpret city life differently. Each city has its unique qualities, which allows you to highlight those structures and cultures in your portfolio.

The bright city lights of New York City at night are one the most memorable spectacles. If there’s one thing that defines New Yorkers, it’s a certain bold resilience. Even better is New York at night with its glory, bright lights, and towering structures. This image shows all of this from afar. It is one of the most populated areas in the city at night, which gives it the energy and promise of something bigger.

The juxtaposition of soothing colors

In the early morning, Shanghai is peaceful, tranquil, and not as menacing as some large cities. We have shown the true colors of the city in the early morning. The colors are soothing and soft, contrasting with the scene before us. This is why this photograph is so appealing and popular.

When the city is asleep…

Photo manipulation can make a big difference. The surreality of this photograph is what makes it stand out. The moon is a fitting addition to the vibrant colors and city lights.

Times Square at Night

New York has been a favorite place to photograph cityscapes so far. The energy and color of Times Square will complete this list. This image captures both the urban atmosphere and a glimpse of modern society. New York City is no exception. Advertisements are everywhere we go.

Man vs. city

Cities exist because humans have made these creations real. This image is striking because it presents the classic man vs. city stereotype. This image makes you think about the symbolism and the story behind it.

Our little criticism aside, many things make cities great. You should pay attention to architecture, changes in scenery from day to night, and symbols all around you. You might be wondering what makes a picture of a city successful. You can add a touch of exquisite.


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