The first time a photo is printed or sent to the lab, it begins its life. From there their journeys are unknown. They are usually displayed above the fireplace, but they can also be lost in a damp basement. You might keep it in your wallet or hide it behind a chimney breast for 100 years. Photo restoration attempts to reverse the ravages time. How much does photo restoration cost?

There is no single price for photo restoration. Photos can be slightly damaged, or even completely faded. The sun removes all color and bleached to make an image ghostly.

The prices page will give you an idea of the cost for each type of damage. Let’s look at the factors that affect the price of photo restoration in houston.


Photos come in many sizes and forms, even negatives. Scanning large negatives or small prints presents unique challenges. A 30 inch print requires scanning and stitching. It can take up to 10 times longer than a postcard to scan and prepare. Scans of small negatives require scanning at high resolutions. They take more time than a standard-sized image. The more images you have to scan, the more complex the job.

The image must be scanned in the most detail and tones possible to capture the best image. Photo restoration is not possible with simple one-touch scanning. Manual scanning is required to optimize the settings and tone curves.

Broken Faces

Facial reconstruction is the most difficult repair. It is difficult to create missing facial parts, such as eyes or ears, to reconstruct a person’s face. A single shadow or tone can make a nice photo of Autie Juni look like Frankenstein. This may seem harsh, but humans are extremely good at recognizing problems with faces. Digitally sculpting the face takes skill and time. A facial reconstruction image will be more expensive than an image without it. Continue reading to learn more about the cost of photo restoration.

Reconstruction and missing parts

It is nearly as difficult as re-creating faces to restore photos that are missing parts. You can use parts of the photo to fill in the gaps to make new pieces. A gutter from a house can be used as a chrome bumper for a car or a left shoe to make the right shoe. The amount of reconstruction is what adds to the price of photo restoration. A photo with severe damage will need more work than just slightly damaged one.

Panorama photos

The most time-consuming panoramas involve many people, such as school or military panoramas. These panoramas require both scanning and stitching, and can contain multiple faces. They can take up to a week to repair, or even longer if they are badly damaged.


Sometimes, colouring photos can take as much time as the restoration. You must ensure that they are correctly coloured according to what you remember about the colour and the history of the photo.

How much does photo restoration cost?

It all depends on the scope of the project and the amount of work involved. You will need to spend more time if you add colouring.

PS9 Simple fix like brightening, straightening or removing a few marks.

PS19 Light Damage Cracks and Fading

PS29 Medium Damage with some light reconstruction of objects

Prices as high as PS39 All other. In poor condition, damaged Miltary panoramas could run well over PS170.

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