8 Best Wedding Photography Blogs For Photography Inspiration

Wedding Photography can be a great place to begin earning money as a professional photographerWedding photography is always in demand because Cupid doesn’t take many breaks. The majority of weddings are held on weekends, so you can pursue other interests during the week. To get started, you can work another job while photographing weddings at the weekends.

Check out our list to get Inspiration and information if you are considering diving into the lucrative niche in photography. These wedding photography blogs cover everything from how to shoot to running a business. You should bookmark these blogs if you haven’t already. Take a look at their compositions and fall in love with their style.

Get started with wedding photographers: A guide to wedding photography blogs.

There are very few costs associated with wedding photography. You do not have to buy costumes or book a location. You don’t have to worry about booking a venue or buying costumes.

Wedding photography has its own demands. A wedding is an important event. The photographs must show the wedding’s glory. You don’t require much equipment. You will need some ideas to create unique and special wedding photographs.

Eight wedding blogs that photographers cannot miss.

These wedding blogs will give you plenty of Inspiration and ideas. These blogs come from some of today’s hottest wedding photographers. These blogs feature some of the most beautiful wedding photography on the internet. The writers also have some great tips for wedding photographers.

1. Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes has a lot of posts with fresh ideas for wedding photoshoots. There are a lot of posts with great ideas for wedding photography. There are poses to use for the wedding party. There are also suggestions for pre-wedding locations.

You can easily get lost in Green Wedding Shoes. It’s a good thing. You’ll soon be inundated with photography inspiration. Green Wedding Shoes can make your next wedding shoot a success.

2. Heather Waraksa

Heather Waraksa is a wedding photographer who has been documenting weddings and taking photographs since 2003. She studied film and photography at Virginia Commonwealth University and lived in Brooklyn. She has had her work featured in many magazines, including Vogue, Martha Stewart Magazine, Inside Weddings Magazine, Geraldine Magazine, and Brides Magazine. Phew!

She also has clients like Nikon, Kendall Jackson, and X-Box. It is an understatement to say she is a photographer.

American Photo Magazine recognized her as one of the top wedding photographers in the world in 2009.

3. Ramit Batra

Ramit Batra is an engineer. He chose not to follow this path and end up in a 9-5 career but to go the other way and study and create animation films.

After landing in Mumbai, he was hired by UTV Motion Pictures. He then began to explore the world of photography. He discovered wedding photography somewhere between photo walks and capturing Portraits. His first wedding was in Delhi. He photographed his second wedding in Mumbai and then a destination marriage at Samode. He hasn’t looked behind since 2009.

He can now say that he has taken photos in over a dozen different countries. He continues to seek out opportunities to visit even more amazing places.

4. Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis, a world-renowned wedding photographer, is one of the best in the business. You can see how many awards and mentions he’s received over the past ten years. He is now one of the leading wedding photographers in the 21st Century. His Greek heritage gave him a European style and panache. The relaxed Australian sense of style blended well with this.

Jerry and Melissa, Melissa’s wife, are Melbourne-based photographers. Also, they spend time in Las Vegas. They run the business together. They travel for international assignments and speak engagements. Together, Jerry and Melissa have developed a strong creative and business force. They are formidable with a fashion designer’s flair and an architect’s ingenuity. Jerry’s style is best described as retro glamour combined with contemporary photography. His creativity is well-known.

He is a master at creating visual stories. His subjects are all beautiful and happy in front of the camera. Jerry’s photographs are a blend of technical skills, soul, drama, and imagination. All the while maintaining a simple sense of style.

5. Susan Stripling Photograph

Susan Stripling, a wedding photographer who is well-known in the industry, needs no introduction. She has travelled all over the world. She has traveled to the US, South America and Finland. Her creative direction and quality are highly sought-after. Her work was published in Inside Weddings and Bride and Bloom as well as Modern Bride and The New York Times. She has also been featured in Capture magazine and American Photo Magazine. American Photo Magazine named her one of their Top Ten Photographers for 2012. She also won numerous awards at the WPPI print competition 16×20. The Grand Award for Photojournalism, and the First Place in wedding photojournalism are among them. Wow!

She is currently the co-founder of , The Wedding School. This is the place to find real, honest wedding photography education. This is available to wedding photographers around the world. You can tell by looking at her photos that she is an expert. Follow her wedding blog to give her the attention that she deserves.

6. Del Sol Photography

Del Sol Photography is made up of Sol Tamargo and Matt Adcock. They are also joined by Vanessa, Polly, Valeria and Vanessa. They specialize in destination wedding photography in Bucks. They have a niche in “trash-the-dress” and underwater wedding photography.

Del Sol Photography has its headquarters in Riviera Maya. They specialize in photographing beach marriages. They take extreme pictures and swim with brides. This is done by pushing the boundaries of their creativity and innovation.

They have won four awards together. The WPJA is responsible for two of them. One of them is the ISPWP. American Photo Magazine also named them among the best photographers worldwide.

You can tell by their style that their photos are warm and high-quality. It is well worth their time to follow them. They are a great source of Inspiration.

7. Rangefinder Magazine

Rangefinder Magazine appears in nearly all of the wedding blogs that are on this website. They provide incredible Inspiration, quality and material.

Their content can be helpful for those just starting out. Their article “What to Include in Your wedding photography contract” provides great insight from seasoned photographers.

You will find tips, advice and help for any type of wedding that you wish to photograph. This website will help you be prepared for anything that comes your way.

8. Junebug Weddings

Junebug weddings is passionate about empowering photographers. They will guide you to a creative and sustainable approach for your business. This is done through community and education.

The wedding blog of this website is a constant stream of stunning images. The wedding is shown from beginning to end. Junebug Weddings provides links to the jewelry and products in their pictures. This is an excellent way to increase traffic for your business.

Junebug weddings has to be one of my favorites for wedding photography.


Browse the websites and blogs listed below. You can use them to get ideas for a new photo or as Inspiration when you are stuck. Wishing you luck in your quest to create more beautiful wedding photography.


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