Best Gear Purchases I’ve Made

After looking into the unfortunate gear choices I’ve made in the past, is it time for me to switch my eye to the gear that truly excels in my toolbox. In this article, I’ll talk about my favorite equipment that has brought me happiness every time I utilize it. It could be a camera and a lighting stand or even an instrument It’s all there.

In no specific order, I’ll try to cover each item that comes to my mind when I go through my studio, and look for what equipment is most essential. Certain pieces will include the general tools of keyboards, and others will be more specific. A few could even belong to an entire product line.

Apple Magic Keyboard

It’s only fitting to start on it being this keyboard because it’s been a reliable partner for many years and is the only keyboard I’ve kept. It’s the one I rely on when writing the bulk of my writing. Although it may not suit gamers, it is a great choice in the role of a keyboard for typing. It is completely compatible for Apple computer systems, the keyboard provides an enjoyable typing experience, with excellent key actions, and it is extremely quiet while I write. The reduction in noise is vital, given my tendencies to type quickly because of my training in piano. This keyboard has survived my times of anger, such as a raged email and a number of deadlines that I had to meet fast to make it time for sunrise. The main drawback of this keyboard is the absence of backlight illumination, but it’s not a problem while typing, without having to see the keyboard. The only drawback for me is the cost because Apple accessories are known for their prices, and especially the larger keyboards that have the number pad. 

Avenger C-Stands

If we continue the discussion on light stands with it’s the Avenger C-Stand stands out as an good alternative. It’s like that Ferrari in light standexpensive, yet a total delight to own. While it’s true that a Ferrari might not be as practical as one of the Avenger C-Stand, but the analogy still holds. In contrast to conventional light stands C-stands have greater durability and can handle larger weights. If it is equipped by a boom arms it can be used as a stand for booms, perfect for securing props light modifiers, flags and other items. Be sure to secure it using the help of a Sandbag. The only mistake I made in these stands was to go for the base that is not removable. Separating the main pole from the base makes it easier to transport while also allowing the stand to be positioned at lower elevations. I solved this issue by super-clamping the lights to the base, though this isn’t the most beautiful option. 


Based on the C-Stand debate, flags deserve special attention. I’ve seen many photographers accumulate various lights or modifiers, as well as quality stands, but ignore flags completely. These plain black panels have more utility than anyone could imagine. The ability to manipulate light is the key to creating distinct images. While light placement and modulators play an important function, you may need to manage the spread of light block sunlight, create patterns for backgrounds. Flags can help, allowing the effortless completion of these tasks. While they’re priced too high for their simple nature keeping a few of them available is incredibly useful. I’ve found that the size 24×36 inches to be the best, but smaller and bigger sizes are available, each of which can be hung on C-stands. 

Canon 5Ds

The reference to a camera seems almost required for a piece like this. For me it is Canon’s Canon 5Ds is the one to be highlighted. With its stunningly impressive resolution and high-quality images, it can produce stunning photos that look like the images from a medium-format camera. 

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