Cameras for Girls empowers new Storytellers in a Fourth Successful Photography

In the midst of Kampala, Uganda, through our foundation, Cameras For Girls, we help young women with photographic techniques in order to aid their ambitions to gain work in the male-dominated journalistic and communications field. From Jun. 9 through 12th, 2023, our team were able to successfully conduct our fourth photography workshop, which sparked creativity and enhancing the voices of young storytellers. The experience was transformative. The workshop imparted technical expertise and an empowering feeling for the participants. 

Professional photographers from the community assist them in different aspects of photography, equipping them with the equipment and expertise needed to create compelling visual stories.

In this group, there were more than 50 young women who had applied for journalism courses at Makerere University and Uganda Christian University. We only accepted 18 of the applicants. A lot of these women are graduates of the university journalism program without any photography or storytelling experience. The lack of experience in the field makes it harder to secure jobs that pay, since many media companies, which are run by males, consider the gender as a hindrance to entry into the photography and journalism fields. Additionally, the absence of a camera is an obstacle which Cameras For Girls is happy to help with along with the 4 phases of a curated program.

In the four days together, the transformation of a few participants is astonishing. They change from shy individuals who had never even touched cameras before to confident young women who are ready to conquer the world with confidence and enthusiasm once they have mastered the new skills they have acquired.

Fostering Empowerment

Cameras For Girls understands the importance of empowerment that goes beyond technical capabilities. Through interactive sessions and discussion, the workshop focused on gender equality as well as helping young women find their voices. Discussions on the issue of lack of representation, as well as the issues regarding the issue of fair pay and harassment both at work and off, were also addressed during the four-day event. Participants were encouraged to share their opinions and to capture the world with their own lens. By fostering confidence and self-expression, Cameras For Girls instilled a feeling of confidence that will last beyond the duration of the program.

The fourth day of the workshop demonstrated this when we collaborated in conjunction with Girl Up Initiative Uganda, an NGO in Uganda that helps young girls to offer instruction and education that will help them earn money today and not in the future. Our girls and their beneficiaries had a day of fun together, sharing their experiences, discussing their lives, and much more. This event puts the three days prior into practice as our students have the task of sharing the tales of these girls visually using at least 20 images and writing them into the 500 words of an article. They will then have 3 weeks to finish their first task, which will start the school year off on a right starting point.

As I said before, the girls we have come from an academic background and not one that is practical; this learning experience helps them comprehend the fundamental steps involved in researching, creating, drafting, and constructing an article for publication, which is a great way to help students develop their skills and portfolios.

The training in Uganda also sought to break down barriers and challenge social stereotypes. Cameras For Girls believes that all people, regardless of gender, should be given the same opportunities to pursue their interests and goals. By providing a platform for girls to succeed in male-dominated fields like photography and journalism, The charity is breaking down stereotypes and encouraging gender equality.

Impact and Future Prospects

The great success of the fourth Photography Workshop in Uganda is proof of the transformational potential of Cameras For Girls. In addition to equipping participants with technical expertise, it has also triggered an unintended ripple of encouragement and empowerment. The storytellers newly empowered have the instruments to write the stories of their communities and to make a case for change in society, and increase their voice.

In the future, Cameras For Girls envisions expanding its reach, allowing more girls and women from Africa to benefit from the power of photography, by enhancing their inherent ability to share stories. Through educating the next generation of storytellers, this charity is aiming to create an diverse and fair world where everybody can express their thoughts as well as be heard.


Cameras For Girls’ 4th photography workshop in Uganda has created a new generation of professional photographers, facilitated empowerment and challenged social norms. Through a unique mix of technical instruction and fostering the ability to express themselves, Cameras For Girls continues to empower young girls to be storytellers of their own stories. Every time they click the shutter, these empowered girls are recording the essence of their communities, breaking down barriers and creating an improved future for everyone.

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