Gear I Should Have Never Bought

I often utilize a wide variety of equipment. With so many options available however, not all gear is identical in quality. I’m willing to admit that I’ve made very regrettable choices with regard to gear. After reviewing my gear I’ve decided to revise my list of gear I’ve purchased that were deemed to be bad selections.

 Canon 50mm f/1.8

I’ve voiced my opinion about the inflated condition of this lens and my opinion hasn’t changed. Its 50mm f/1.8 is a rite of passage for a lot of novice photographers, and is often purchased without a clear knowledge of its capabilities or the ability to fully comprehend its capabilities. Numerous websites have been devoted to photography using this lens. Let us assure you that the vast majority of photographs have striking similarities. One of the benefits of being a beginner photographer is the abundance of opportunities to experiment using equipment. The process of determining the ideal focal length is easier to manage by using the use of a zoom lens. As time passes, you’ll discover that a large portion of your work can be taken at a constant focus, even when using the use of a zoom lens. This realization prompted me to think about prime lenses, specifically 50mm f/1.4 or an f/1.2 due to the fact that the majority of my work is captured at that focal distance. But, investing in full-frame lens seems questionable considering the availability of appealing medium-format options. In the end, do not spend a fortune on primes if you are just beginning to learn. In addition to the poor quality of the build that comes with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, the focal length fails to inspire or bring any interest to a novice photographer. This being said there’s a certain attraction to the 50mm lens, and, surprisingly enough, the majority of my work is shot with this focal length. However, if you’re looking to explore a variety of compositional ideas, then 50mm isn’t the right choice the right choice for you.


It’s the same as last year, as well as the years prior. I still have this Loupedeck which I purchased in the year 2019, and it has remained unopened for the last four years. At first, it seemed to be a great solution for my workflow in editing with physical adjustments for each setting of an image. It resembled the audiovisual display. But, despite its appealing idea, it didn’t meet the level of my expectations regarding smooth adjustments. Moving to Lightroom into Capture One restricted the usability of the software, since it relies on keyboard shortcuts for incremental adjustments–a function that doesn’t translate seamlessly into Capture One. Even if I stick with Lightroom and the simple adjustments made by Loupedeck will remain limiting, rather than efficient. I’ve improved my workflow by making custom presets. The most recent Capture One update features intelligent presets that take into account aspects such as temperature and exposure. This lets me apply the same adjustments across the entire shot with only one or two clicks within the program. I recommend updating your keyboard and mouse to achieve better results. Personally, I am using the notoriously non-popular Magic Mouse and Keyboard and enjoy them.

Manfrotto 1004BAC Light Stand

This is a rare thing for me, however upon looking through the various stands I have and examining the stand, this stand Manfrotto 1004BAC is a stand that stands out as an extremely useless purchase. It does not have the durability and strength of a C-stand, or the bigger Manfrotto CSU 007 stand. Although these stands pack compactly and are easy to transported to locations for shoots However, the benefits are not at that point. The 1004BAC stand cannot be able to withstand the weight of a large amount. The use of an exact modifier like a snoot makes it unstable. The only use for this stand is to support backgrounds or carrying a light using small softbox. If I had the choice I’d gladly exchange my 1004BAC stands with C-Stands at any time. If anyone is interested, send me a email.

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