Take a Look at the Many Benefits of Hiring a Photo Booth Service for Your Big Day!

No matter what you do on a day to day basis, capturing it in your phone, tab, camera etc. has become quite the habit (or shall we say fad?). Whether it is the pretty sunsets you come across during your evening walk or a picturesque dish presented to you at a restaurant or even bigger events like weddings, cocktail nights and parties — photography is the first and foremost thing people think of. However, snapping that perfect shot is not that easy, as it requires proper training and experience. After all, it is the only thing that remains with us, stored safely in our galleries and social media handles to relish the memories gone by.

Photography is one of the most popular investments during a wedding. People tend to book their professional photographer from months ahead. However, if you are someone who is getting married within a few months, then we are here to make your work a little easier. Occasions Photo Booth, providing wedding photo booth hire services in London, is ready to solve all your problems. Their myriad and advanced features, along with quirky and funny props, are sure to turn your normal pictures into extra ordinary ones. Instant print for your guests, colourful backdrop for the little kids and video messages for everyone are some of the many reasons for booking them. Don’t shy away from being a little out of the box and different. After all, it is your big day!

Benefits of hiring photo booths for your wedding

Wedding blues are sure to give you loads of stress and sleepless nights. With so many arrangements to make, don’t lose your patience! The key to success is investing in the correct choices. A wedding event photo booth hire, not only captures your big day perfectly and efficiently, but also gives extra care and efforts in your pre and post wedding events and makes it more memorable. Hiring them is the best option you can opt for. So, here are the ways photo booths will add fun and jazz to your special day:

  • Professional quality pictures: Though your phone’s camera comes to the rescue most of the time when you need a new display picture, it’s not going to make the cut for your wedding photos. You must know well the advantages of professional grade cameras and the perks of a skilled photographer, along with a perfect backdrop. Photo booths do the last part of the job for you. So, don’t forget to click those fun and crazy photos in your wedding dress.
  • Vintage charm: No matter how modern or how advanced our technology has become, we still have that old nostalgic soul in us. Photo booths have still maintained the vintage beauty. The old school attractiveness of Polaroid pictures still hasn’t faded and nothing beats the happiness of holding a copy of a freshly clicked photograph. Decorate your walls or mantels with your newly printed Polaroid snaps from the wedding event!
  • Say goodbye to guest books: It becomes very difficult to keep a track of who has attended your wedding and who missed it. Asking each and every guest to sign their names in the book is a tedious task. However, if you have planned to hire photo booth services, then when the guests arrive, you could click a snap and give a copy to them as well as keep one for yourself. It is sure to add much more fun to your wedding and you could also keep a tab on who all took part in your joy.
  • A lot of candid pictures: Don’t we all love spontaneous pictures? Getting clicked while looking at your other half, some relaxing moments with your family, and making crazy faces with BFF’s add much more to beauty to the photographs. Don’t just stand upright and look consciously into the camera. Consider getting some candid pictures from your wedding to scroll through your photo album and adore it years later.
  • Adds more fun to your wedding: The props, backdrop, some dazzling music and getting crazy – all of these add more fun to your wedding, and framing these moments are bliss. With a photo booth installation, you can play with the props and even have a chance of goofing around with your friends.

With the awesome slideshows, black and white prints, it is time to bring a little more joy to your life. Investing in a photo booth service will not leave you disappointed at any cost. Go for one and bring home a lot of pictures for yourself and your newlywed.

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