Photographer for humanitarian causes, Anna Lusty documents nonprofit initiatives.

The virus is rapidly spreading, especially in towns, but the disease has also triggered an economic crisis for communities already struggling with poor living conditions and financial hardship. Food shortages are an essential problem in urban townships and rural communities that are poor around the city, and homelessness is increasing. The photographer for human rights Anna Lusty has been documenting the work of charitable organizations that provide crucial aid to these communities. Here are five initiatives.

Somerset West Family Shelter Project

The Somerset West Family Shelter located in the City of Cape Town is an organization that provides temporary shelter and rehabilitation options as well as social welfare services. family reunification, physical support and care for adult homeless people. It is the sole family-focused facility in South Africa’s Western Cape. However, in light of the hardships the pandemic resulted in for the communities The organization has constructed a shelter in order to provide an environment of safety and security to families who became homeless due to the lockdown. A number of renovations were carried out and a proper system was established, allowing for a range of assistance services. It was and continues to be the very first home for families in Western Cape. It provides essential services such as meals, clothing, counseling and schooling in interim for children. Learn more about it or make a donation

The Clothing Bank Project

The Clothing Bank is an organisation that focuses on education issues in poor areas as well as gender-based violence and unemployment. Recently, they’ve launched an emergency relief program that is focused on providing food items to those affected of the influenza pandemic. They are required to distribute food packages to more than 1000 families that are facing severe shortages of food. Communities have struggled with insufficient income because of Covid19, which is causing the elderly and children suffering from malnutrition. One package contains essentials like oil, rice and pasta, peanut butter flour, peas, tea sugar, maize lentils as well as fish peas, pasta, flour, peas sugar, maize, sugar and beans. It will provide four people for the duration of a week. Find out more information and provide

Pebbles Project – Pebbles Kitchen

The principal focus for Pebbles Project is that Pebbles Project is education. The goal is to improve the lives of children and families living in the communities that are agricultural in the Western Cape. The organization is based in the Winelands region in South Africa’s Western Cape, Pebbles Project has begun providing meals and food packs to children in need and communities as part of the COVID-19 emergency. Pebbles Project is also distributing masks. For more information about their mission, or give a gift.

Genadendal Soup Kitchen Project (affiliated to Child Welfare)

The food pantry has been in operation for more than 16 years in their local community. In this region of the Western Cape, workers are not needed on a regular basis. This leaves families with only a small or no income for certain months of the year. The soup kitchen tries to provide a hot meal every single day in the harsh conditions. The meals are cooked with the help of women in the community. The soup kitchen has evolved into more than a meal device and is now a an integral part of the story of the community.

The Bizweni Centre for Children Project

The Bizweni Centre for Children with Disabilities in Somerset West, Cape Town provides a safe and secure setting for children with disabilities. The centre is based on the idea that every child regardless of their situation must have access to healthcare and education. The school has provided a huge contribution to the community. But, due an emergency lockdown students have not been able to access the school. This has placed a massive stress on their families because the majority of children come from a poor backgrounds. To ease the burden and support families in need to help them, the Bizweni team is visiting families every week to deliver food and educational kits. Help the Bizweni team’s work on this page.

Through the lens of Anna Lusty, one can see how these townspeople are impacted through the Covid19 crisis. However, it is also spreading awareness about the small nonprofit organizations that continue to assist their communities. Today, more than ever before, these organizations require our assistance and photography is an effective instrument that can aid these organizations. The majority of these organizations do not have the funds to help spread the word or the ability to aid all the people that they would like to. Without exposure through photography, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get sponsors to support them. This is why photography is an excellent method of documenting their projects. Additionally, sharing these photos via social media will help bring more attention and help to attract donations.

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