Places to Sell Your Photos

If you’re a photographer enthusiast or student and think your photos are great enough to share, an excellent way to make a steady income is to sell a few images to stock photography sites online. If you’re just starting out with these 5 ideas is worth considering:

Alamy -There are sixty million photos and videos on this website and for good reasonthat they pay 50 percent royalty to photographers on every image that is sold. Also, If you’re a NYIP student? They’ll pay you a 100 percent commission on every sale you achieve for two years with without any commitments.

Shutterstock Shutterstock If you are working with Shutterstock You can retain a copyright over images you upload, which is a huge benefit for those who are concerned about the ownership of creative work. The average user earns about 30% royalties when their photos are sold (usually at least $30).

iStock PhotosMost photographers pay around 15% of their royalties when their photos are downloaded, however, if one particular photo of yours is downloaded consistently and popularity, the percentage could increase to 45. If the photographer signs an exclusivity agreement (meaning you’ll only upload images to iStock and not on other sites) and they increase the minimum of 15% to anywhere between 20 and 45 percent in reciprocity.

PhotoShelter -This is something that you can integrate on your website If you already have one.

Fotolia Fotolia Photographers who work with Fotolia get the average 20 to 50 percent royalty on sold photos. The site also boasts an instant payment facility, meaning that you can get your money instantly.

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