The best books for landscape photography to inspire you

Landscape is among the most popular photographic genres, and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. A beautiful landscape photograph could be a combination of many things, like the books in the last show. It could be the celebration of a particular place or a specific feature, such as a stunning mountain or peaceful lake. It could also be an expression of a particular moment, like an amazing sunrise or an abrupt snowstorm. It could be rural, or it could be urban, devoid of any people, or even full of people. If you’re trying ways to improve your photography of landscapes, There are many possibilities to explore.

Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 15

The annual Landscape Photographer of the Year competition is one of the highlights of the photographer’s calendar, and the 2022 crop produced some spectacular imagery. The full collection from the competition’s 15th year would make a tasteful addition to any coffee table. It is the ideal source of inspiration for anyone looking to remind themselves of just how many incredible landscape possibilities there are in the UK.

The contest, which was started by avid landscape photographer Charlie Waite, was won last year by a newcomer, Will Davies – a reminder that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to be a top performer in the LPOTY. Please read our complete interview with the winner of LPOTY, Will Davies, and check out a few of the winners’ 2022 LPOTY entries. However, wouldn’t you prefer to have them in a stunning printed form, ready to be enjoyed and shared from your couch? We thought so.

Chasing Light by Stefan Forster

For a comprehensive overview of the range of locations available, there is no better choice than picking up one of the books by Stefan Forster. Each year, Stefan Forster, a Swiss photographer, is on the road for six months, traveling around the globe and facilitating a series of workshops that take you to some of the most stunning and remote locations. A large portion of his time is spent in Iceland, which is his second home.

With Chasing Light, his latest volume, we are able to glimpse some of Stefan’s most memorable experiences presented from a variety of stunning viewpoints. This book is a masterpiece in the making and a lesson in the way that simple landscape photography should be achieved.

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