Travel photography  for 2023


As a traveler, blogger, and photographer, I always seek new inspiration. I enjoy browsing travel blogs to discover new places and see what others are doing.

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When travel is difficult, expensive, or time-consuming, exploring travel blogs can be the perfect way to satisfy your wanderlust.

There are a lot of them! You’ll be amazed how many talented, creative people create beautiful content for their travel photography blogs.

The downside is that the number of travel photographers you can follow may be overwhelming. What do you start with?

A leopard seal has a yawn, Antarctica.

The Best Travel Blogs

I have compiled a list of fantastic photography blogs to get you started. This list is incomplete, but a great way to taste what’s available. Bloggers on this list come from various backgrounds, including age, nationality, and specialization. Some are professional travel photographers, while others are travel bloggers. But they all share one thing – they are among the most talented and gifted content creators today.

In the words of their creators, they have described their travel photography blogs. They also explain what to expect on your visit. You should be able to find lots to satisfy your wanderlust and valuable tips for your travel photography.

Here they are, in no particular sequence (but I’ll start with mine because why not? Here they are, 30 Stunning travel photography blogs to inspire you in 2023.

Best travel photography blogs to inspire you


Passport & Pixels, a travel blog and photography website created by Bella – that’s me! TV documentarian and travel writer based in London. Bella is an adventurer who loves colorful places and people. Her main interests include wildlife candid portraits and destinations off the beaten track.

She has traveled to far-flung places such as Uganda, Myanmar, and Morocco. She also visited Tanzania and Antarctica. Her colorful and stunning images have won her many awards, including Best Photography in the Travel Media Awards of 2020, and she was shortlisted for the prestigious International Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards four times.

Her photographs have also appeared in National Geographic Traveller magazine, Wanderlust, JRNY Magazine, The Great Outdoors Magazine, Discover Britain, and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Bella’s blog shares the stories and photos behind her photographs and offers travel tips and advice on improving your wildlife photography and travel.

You can explore the site by using the menus on the top or scroll down to see more fantastic travel photography blogs that amaze and awe you.


The Diary of a Nomad

The Diary of a Nomad, a travel blog, focuses on lesser-known destinations. Jiayi Wan launched it in 2020. Her photography style is colorful, dreamy, and characterized by leading lines and symmetry.

The Diary of a Nomad features incredibly comprehensive and detailed travel guides to countries like Azerbaijan and Pakistan that should be on the radar of most tourists. Jiayi is passionate about bridging cultural gaps and showing the warmth and beauty in these destinations with inviting photography.

The Diary of a Nomad features various photography, including landscapes and architecture. Street photography is also included. Jiayi is most proud of her stunning photos of Uzbekistan’s mosques and madrasahs. Jiayi’s photos of Uzbekistan’s jaw-dropping mosques and madrasahs have been featured in various media outlets, including Lonely Planet and Conde Nast Traveller. They have also made Jiayi more passionate about her work.



Jen and Guy, who spent 15 years in entertainment advertising, turned their passion for adventure vacations to a blog dedicated to adventure travel called The Evolista. This made sense, as these two had traveled to over 40 countries and 50 states.

Travel is about experiencing bucket list items, such as riding camels through the Sahara or walking the Great Wall of China. They love to meet interesting people and want to see as much of the world as possible. They’re more likely to be found catching the sunrise in the Wadi-Rum desert or talking to people who do not speak their native language than by an all-inclusive beach hotel pool.

They want to capture the feel of an experience so that readers can imagine themselves in different locations. Guy captures the moment, and Jen is the explorer.

Guy, who has no previous photography experience and is in a world of professional photographers with whom he competes, keeps trying to improve his photographic skills. This has included a drone crash and, more than they would like to admit waking up at the crack of daybreak to get that perfect shot.


Waffles and Lamingtons

Theo and Lynsey first met in Central America while backpacking alone. Waffles and Lamingtons are the result of their passion project. The project was created to share their passion for photography and travel in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

The couple, originally from Australia and Belgium, always search for their next adventure. They have a particular interest in countries with an unfamiliar culture.

Lynsey & Theo’s travel blog is primarily a photography-focused site, but they also write stories about their adventures. They provide a guide to the destination and a personal account. Their blogs offer the details you need to prepare for your next trip.

The couple has spent considerable time in the labyrinthine medinas of Morocco and the dramatic landscapes that make up Iceland. Their unique depiction of these extremes is a beautiful representation of their work.

Visit their travel photography website at Waffles & Lamingtons



Wander-Lush was founded in 2015 by Australian journalist Emily Lush. It is a travel blog focusing on culture that seeks to shed light on less-visited locations in the South Caucasus region, the Balkans, and Southeast Asia. Emily has a background in international development and fair trade. Her goal is to promote sustainable tourism in these areas.

Wander-Lush is a visual storytelling platform offering detailed and thoughtful travel guides focusing on small business owners, culturally immersive experiences, and local businesses. Emily is a self-taught photographer who has organically developed her passion for street photography and portraits. She also loves capturing architecture. Emily is a self-taught photographer passionate about street photography, images, and capturing architecture as her blog grows.

Emily is a traveler who loves to learn about other cultures. She does this through festivals, food, handicrafts, and material culture. You can find her writing on these topics. Emily’s photography has been featured in Conde Nast Traveller and CNN Arabic. Passion Passport, Elle Vietnam, and other publications have also published her work.

Browse Emily’s photographs from Georgia and beyond.

Sufi Zikr ceremony in Pankisi Valley, Georgia. Credit: Emily Lush.

Travel the World

In 2012, after traveling the globe, studying, volunteering, and working, the Galician couple Inma and Jose Martinez created the visually stunning sustainable lifestyle and travel website A World to Travel to share their passion for festivals, unique events, nature, and responsible tourism.

Since its inception, photography has been a significant focus. Landscape, music festivals or architecture, and even portraiture for special projects such as his series “Humans in Indonesia,” their images are colorful and vivid, except in rare cases when they’re in black and White. They bring to life an enjoyable world where the human body is usually just there to give scale to the surrounding environment, which deserves more prominence. This is a good idea if “tiny people living in large places” appeals to you.

The BBC, National Geographic, and Lonely Planet are just a few of the many media outlets that have featured them. They also collaborate regularly with other travel publications. A World to Travel was recently named the best travel blog in Spain.

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