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Are you worried about making a donation to a charity because you’re uncertain about what your money will be going to? Don’t be alone. We’ve all been uneasy and skeptical at one point, pondering whether our gift would have an impact or disappear like it never did anything to make a difference.

With numerous organizations competing for your attention and financial support, It’s easy to be overwhelmed and unsure about the amount you give generously to benefit the greater good. Cameras For Girls Cameras For Girls, we believe in the value of transparency and wish our donors to be sure that their contribution is effective. We urge donors to ask the crucial question:

“What is the money I’m donating being used for?”

In this blog, we’ll address this question by providing the top 4 ways in which charitable donations help African girls as they pursue their dreams of higher education in journalism, communication, photography, and communications. By having a better understanding of how your donations are utilized to benefit the community, we hope that you’ll feel more secure that your donations are important to non-profit and charitable organizations like ours.

Amina guides students on a photo-practice walking during the training in Kampala

Photography & Journalism Training Programs

One of the primary motives and the reason we collect donations is to completely pay for the 4-phase program of training which Cameras for Girls hosts in Africa and Canada. The program is designed to equip young girls and women with the required abilities and skills to be able to find job opportunities after graduation.

In Cameras For Girls, students who are studying Journalism as well as Communication studies are able to access numerous tools to improve their photography and editing abilities. In our program, each participant receives cameras to keep after they are accepted into the program. 

Administrative and Organizational Costs

Amina Mohamed, a professional photographer and entrepreneur, is the driver of Cameras For Girls, which seeks to empower girls in Africa through photography instruction. Her conviction in this mission has led her to create a foundation that supports her students’ hopes that they can work within the media industry. Women are the primary leaders of the organization. They run the organization with the help by a team consisting of board members, volunteers as well as marketing and communications specialists who work together to improve and develop the charitable initiatives.

Donations allow Cameras For Girls to cover the day-to-day administrative and organization costs required to run the organization. This is a way for us to increase our reach as well as recruit and train more volunteers, and equip pupils with the tools and support they require to be successful. Without the financial backing of our donors, it would be difficult to sustain the operations of our group.

Increases Fundraising Capabilities

Fundraising is a dynamic and effective method of collecting donations that will help fund the cause of charity. Its main goal is to raise funds and increase awareness of the organization’s cause, allowing it to gain new supporters and reach an even larger audience. But, the process of making a campaign for fundraising can be very costly.

It’s often required to invest in more staff or contract services to develop and oversee the campaign, plan and implement events, and create sponsorships and partnerships with other organizations. These initiatives take a lot of time, however with the right approach and the right investment, fundraising can be an extremely effective method to get the money required.

Cameras For Girls is hosting an Photography Contest fundraiser in collaboration in partnership with Canon Canada and F-stop Equipment in order to collect $30,000 for our charity. Contest is open for anyone who is interested in photography and would like to win huge prizes. We’re giving away $4500 worth of Canon coupons and f-stop coupon codes plus cash prizes. With this contest’s fundraiser, we’re hoping to reach our goal of raising funds and show the talents of those in our community who choose to contribute to our cause.

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