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The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a list of 17 international objectives which the world’s leaders of 193 have pledged to reach by 2030. The goals range from reducing hunger and poverty to ensuring decent work conditions and an equal wage for all employees, which includes men and women all over the world.

This blog, Cameras For Girls, will guide you through understanding why the UN’s SDGs are framed in their efforts and demonstrate how you can help by knowing their impact in the field for women from Africa who are trying to be journalists.

Girls in Cameras for Girls 3rd Class with their cameras donated by the organization

What are the United Nations SDGs?

As a response to a rising consensus to fundamentally change the way people live their lives and the way we live our lives, governments agreed to 17 ambitions. They are known as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are a set of ambitious global economic and social progress targets that ensure the development of a sustainable, prosperous, and equitable. It will require unimaginable amounts of cooperation and ingenuity to reach these goals. However, even though they’re way behind schedule, it’s possible if we work together.

What Is Cameras For Girls Doing To Help Achieve The SDGs?

For women living in Uganda, which is where our organization is based, having a camera and the assistance we provide, as well as the SDGs, can have a profound impact on their lives, especially Goal No. 5: Achieve gender equity and empower women and girls everywhere.

Cameras For Girls has seen firsthand ways that access to photography classes, which are provided at no cost to girls in countries that are developing, help to build confidence and acquire abilities that can alter the direction of their lives for the better.

SDG #1 – No Poverty

As a volunteer in Africa, I’ve come to realize that those living in the developed world believe that this is the normal course of living. Many people, particularly women, are in poverty due to the fact that they have fewer options for education, work outside of the home, and are not able to be independent. If we can change this by providing the right education and resources, we could alter the situation for women.

We designed a four-phase program which combines storytelling, photography and business-related skills to help them improve their expertise and obtain paid employment. We at Cameras For Girls, we offer our female students an image camera and a four-phase program with a live workshop located in Kampala, Uganda. We also give her 24/7 online access to classes, weekly meetings with Zoom, and monthly assignments, as well as tutorials on how to create a resume, LinkedIn profile, and much more.

What is the reason we offer an item for you to use? In many African countries, if a woman would like to find a job in media or journalism, it is said that she should have a camera and be able to make use of it. Males do not have this requirement. If we equip females with cameras that are digital and a microphone, they are now able to create stories that matter to their communities and themselves as well as develop their talents and fight for a job which is based on merit.

SDG #5 – Gender Equality

Our collaboration in partnership with Cameras For Girls currently takes place in Uganda; however, we are planning to expand our work across Africa due to the fact that the need is huge. Females across Africa are faced with gender equality at every aspect of life. In several however, not all instances (I would like to be specific and not generalize) girls are told that their place in society is not important apart from being an affluent mother and wife. In a variety of societies, girls get married off at puberty and thus are denied the opportunity to learn and to have a better future. Many families opt to educate their sons instead of their daughters due to social expectations and norms. Additionally, in many cases women who do get further education and land an employment opportunity but it’s not always based just because of merit, but it’s also because she’s been required to pay for her job using money or sex. What’s the best option for her in the event that she has to eat? Do you have children or the family to care for?

SDG #8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

A decent job and economic growth means that you are appreciated, paid fairly and not discriminated against because of your gender, and have equal chances. In Africa and a lot of other developing countries, this isn’t being achieved. Here in North America, we speak about the #metoo movement and #blacklivesmatter, in addition to many others.

These SDGs we have adopted are related to the two previous points. We allow female students to pursue paid employment but not positions of voluntary.

Although voluntary jobs can give the opportunity to gain valuable experience, there are times when organizations don’t hire these positions – since they’re getting their workforce and their skills free of charge.

While I’m sitting here in Canada, It’s simple for me to state what I think it should be; however, unfortunately, this is not always the scenario. As an example, I helped one of our students with her resume rewriting as she was offered the chance to submit an application for a communication position at a large organization in Uganda. They embraced her with open arms but not for the job she had applied for. Instead, they chose to hire an unqualified male for the job.

How Do The SDGs Impact Poverty in Africa?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are designed to eliminate hunger and poverty by 2030. To achieve this, we need to focus on making major changes to our society and the environment. It is possible to achieve these goals by creating opportunities for women across Africa. Women are often left out of opportunities in the developing world, however they can achieve great advancements with just a little assistance.

Our mission at the heart of our organization was to address the UN’s SDGs head-on. Through providing opportunities for women and girls to be able to document their lives using videos and photography. These skills will help them become more confident and give them an opportunity to speak out, and assist to earn a decent living. The success of women brings optimism to those struggling. It shows that there is a light ahead.

What Can You Do To Help Achieve The SDGs?

There are many ways you can join in this global initiative. It is essential to learn about how to be a part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the way they impact your life. It is a good idea to read the details of the significance of each goal for your daily life. Learn how you can contribute to your local community by engaging in volunteer work or spreading awareness of these concerns. 

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