Best Modern Photographers of February 2023

If you’re an artist or a lover of photography, then you’re likely always interested in finding out about the top portfolios online. There are so many amazing photographers that it takes time to decide how to find them, which may result in you not finding the photographers you would have liked to know about earlier. Here’s the place where All About Photo can be helpful. We gather a list of the best contemporary photographers we come across monthly. Here’s what we’ve selected for February 2023. We hope you find the motivation you’ve been looking for.

Olga Karlovac lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. She has had numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, with solo shows that she has held inin the UK and Belgium. Her work has been published in well-known publications such as Black+White Photography and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Self-taught and influenced by poets and abstract expressionists, photographer Olga Karlovac published her first book of photos in 2017. The following trilogy includes “Before Winter,” “The Chaos, and ‘Escape’ have been a hit, with the first volume almost sold out.

Olga is a photographer who captures the drama of everyday life in her work, nimbly releasing the shutter and remaining in the comfort created by the interplay of light and shadow. Her subjects aren’t staged. They are simply moments captured in slow motion. The images are exclusively the black-and-white color scheme, usually in the evening, from windows, or during rainy weather. The photos that result are abstract and painted.

The entire Olga Karlovac story

Pieter Henket is a Dutch photographer living and working in New York City. His most notable work is photographing the cover for Lady Gaga’s album debut, The Fame, and photographing National Congolese acting out their mythologies in the Congo rainforest in his collection Congo Tales, which was published through Random House / Prestel Publishing in 2018. The iconic photograph was displayed during The American Woman exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

In 2015, Henket was approached by Tales of Us in Berlin to capture Congolese of the Mbomo District acting out their mythologies in the Odzala Kokoua National Park to illustrate the publication Congo Tales.

The Pieter Henket Story

Originating from France, Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil holds a Master’s Degree in Cinematography and a bachelor’s qualification in Art History. She was employed in the field of cinema and culture in Paris between 1998 and 2005 and later decided to work as a professional photographer and a high-end Retoucher. After 2009, she relocated to Montreal, and in the year 2016, she began the art of photography. Since 2021, she has been a part of the VFX industry for television and cinema. Anne-Claire Vimal du Montil has received Honorable Mentions and prizes in several photographic contests worldwide. Her work was displayed throughout Montreal, Londres, Rome, and Seoul. Her work is featured through Grizzly Montreal.

All about Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil

Antonio Denti is an award-winning cameraman who loves still photography. As a Reuters team video reporter for more than twenty years, Denti has covered the conflict within Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon. The reporter also reported on the start of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and the enormous human migration from Europe over the Mediterranean sea.

He frequently traveled with Popes in their travels and also to Iraq and most recently Canada. He also recorded his reaction to the demise of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican as well as the Queen Elizabeth II of London.

He is a lover of still photography and is trying to incorporate more and more into his motion pictures. His still images have been awarded prizes (Ippawards, All About Photo awards, International Photography Awards, Urban Photo Awards, ND Awards, Mifa Awards etc …) and were featured by The Eye of Photography magazine as well as and the Social Documentary Network, LensCulture and many other international publications for photography online.

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