Best Rising Photographers of February 2023

We are constantly finding stunning photographs from photographers traveling and working globally. Here’s a collection of breathtaking photos taken by emerging photographers in February 2023 that you can take as an source of inspiration. We hope that you like this compilation. We thank you for seeing an incredible collection of images each month by submitting your work to our various calls for entries or impulsive portfolio submissions. 

“I am not great with words. I am a visual person and a straight shooter aka talker and not a fan of descriptions or bio’s things that alienate many artists like me who aren’t wordsmiths. So we will keep it short and sweet. I take photos, some will like them, some will not. The End!”

Everything related to Rico X.

I am a prestigious award-winning, published California street photographer from the state of California living in the San Francisco Bay Area. My work as a street performer helps me, allowing me to see the happenings on the streets and be present with my camera when they occur. In addition to potentially fascinating events, I am often attracted by the lighting conditions and the appearance of exciting designs and shapes, vivid colors, and intriguing-looking people.

The whole story of Victor Kataev

I’ve been a fan of art and photography since I was a kid. I was lucky enough to travel with my family across America. United States as I was growing up to be a teenager. Making pictures on those trips was a fun and fulfilling experience. Since I’m semi-retired from teaching, I can now devote more time to pursuing my creative pursuits. My work focuses on outdoor life since it is where I spend an enormous amount all day. Photographing moments no matter how beautiful or subdued and uplifting than ever. Kim and I are married. Kim and I reside near Ashton, Illinois, where we foster dogs in need, help with teaching part-time, and have a great time living the small-town life.”

Steve Toole: All About Steve Toole

“I was born in 1982 and my passion for photography only started in 2018. Self-taught, I never attended courses, but I studied and deepened photography by myself and visiting many exhibitions throughout Europe. Little by little I focused my style on street photography: shadows, contrasts, framing, layering, juxtaposition, and in general to the people daily life, but without ever ceasing to experiment in many other genres and styles.”

Everything about Francesco Luongo

Jo Fields is a fine art photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. While her profession is medical information, her first passion was the artistic interpretation of music as an accomplished flutist. Photography is gradually becoming the main passion in the world of colors, shapes, and fine details that make up the music of nature. Photography has evolved into a cathartic and emotional journey through life that amalgamates technical, passionate, and creative methods. Her work is centered around revealing beauty in the mundane and drawing attention to the tensions and interdependence between humans and nature. The series represented in the chosen images include True North, Musica Notturna, A Chance Encounter, Empathy of Angels, ET Wickham, and Blackberry Season. Jo’s work was selected for over 80 juried exhibitions in art galleries across seven states. Her work was an RFOTOFOLIO 2019. Work of Merit selection was awarded honorable mentions in both the 18th and 17th Juliet Margaret Cameron Awards.

Everything About Jo Fields

I am Orna Naor photographer, who is a street photographer and documentary photographer based in Tel Aviv. My work paysus on human interactions, gestures, touches, and glances. I have shot worldwide and tried to capture human faces no matter where they are. Human faces are shown whether it’s related to different traditions or cultures and locations, in daily life or on holidays. In addition to street photography, I have recently focused on documentary series photography. Through all these projects, my aim is just one: to restore humanity to the human race. And if a single image will touch one person, I’m happy. My work is shown in exhibitions throughout Israel and all over the world (Local testimony, Tel Aviv Sea, Israel Photography Festival, Miami Street Festival, Streets Sans Frontieres, London Street Festival, EinZweiBlicke, and others) and was featured in various newspapers and magazines (“Haaretz” Blog, L’Arch Magazine, Lens Magazine 50 Shades of Black and many more)

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