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If you’re dying to get back into film photography or know someone who’s recently picked up a film camera, then this book on Film Photography is for you. The book has everything you need; whether you’re shooting film for the first time, choosing a camera, or shooting black and white, there’s information on all things film, including what happens after you’ve taken the shot, such as developing film or digitizing your images. There’s advice and tips from the masters, including professional photographers, as as well as photography to motivate you.

Issue 5 of Improve Your Photography features Portrait photography, one of the most rewarding photographic genres. With instant feedback, when you get the shot you both love, it’s a great feeling. This book guides you through the kit needed, as well as accessories to take your portrait photography from good to amazing. The book includes information on prime lenses and lighting, as well as expert tips from professional photographers, including Trevor and Faye Yerbury, Peter Dench, Sharron Goodyear, Damien Lovegrove, and more.

The 4th issue of Improve Your Photography is on Nature. If you find yourself in awe of Nature for its sheer beauty, mystery, and variety, then this book will inspire you to get your camera out and try new photography skills. Whether you’re shooting in the garden and capturing the natural plants or wildlife, this book shows you the kit you need, as well as how to get amazing-looking photos with lots of awe-inspiring macro shots. With hints and tips from professionals, including Mark Sisson and Sue Bishop, to name just a few of the photographers featured.

If you or someone you know wants to get more from their camera, then the Improve Your Photography: Advanced Camera Skills book is for you. This lets you know the best settings to use, how to get great results in low light, manual controls, shooting raw, improving auto-focus outcomes, getting your color right, using one lens, using flash, and image stabilization, plus an all-important guide to composition, and that’s just some of the subjects covered.

If you’re looking to improve your photography and learn about Wildlife photography, then this book is for you. Covering the essential equipment you need, including telephoto lenses for wildlife, plus advice and tips from the masters, as well as photography to inspire you. You’ll also find inspirational interviews with leading photographers, including Tim Flach and Nick Brandt. Whether you want to shoot rooks, winter birds, garden birds, gannets, owls, grouse, reptiles, deer, foxes, penguins, and other wildlife, then this is the complete book for you. Landscapes

The Improve Your Photography bookazine on Landscapes includes 100 pages of great material that will help you get the best landscape photographs you’ve ever taken. With tips for success from professional photographers including Jeremy Walker, Verity Milligan, and David Clapp, to name a few, you’ll find out some of their tricks, as well as an essential kit you need to master the subject. There’s information on shooting locations, filters, wide-angle lenses, long exposure photography (including light trails and stars), black and white landscapes, urban photography, low-light, winter landscapes, optimizing sharpness, as well as photo editing tips, plus much more.

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