Going Digital For Gender Equity


2023 International Women’s Day marks an important moment in the quest for gender equality within our societies. On this day, we should take this chance to consider ways we can enhance gender equality, mostly through the use of technology that is digital. Making the transition “digital for gender equity,” identified as the theme for this year by the United Nations, means using the technology’s power to develop more equitable, accessible solutions to women and other vulnerable groups. In this blog, we’ll discuss the significance of technology to promote gender equality and the ways it can be used to build a better future for all.

Students interviewing recipients of the Concern For The Girl Child

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an international holiday that is celebrated every year on March 8. It is a holiday dedicated to honoring the economic, social, and accomplishments of women in order to advance gender equality across the globe. IWD started at the beginning of the 1900s as an opportunity for women to advocate for the rights of women and to fight for equality of gender, and it has since evolved into an international celebration. In 2019, the focus for IWD will be ” Adopting Digital Technologies for Gender Equity,” which emphasizes the importance of embracing digital technology to speed up the process towards gender equality.

In a lot of countries, women are in a minority and suffer from diverse types of discrimination. This is particularly the case in Africa, which is where the gap between women’s and males’ access to opportunities and resources is more evident. Through the use of digital technology, women have access to opportunities and resources which otherwise wouldn’t be readily available to women. Cameras For Girls was founded to provide women across Africa access to cameras, as well as digital devices to assist them in obtaining a job to escape poverty and encourage gender equality.

Why Is Going Digital Important For Gender Equity?

Digital tools can assist us to overcome communication barriers between cultures and genders and create a safe place for both genders to participate in meaningful discussions. Through digitalization, we can provide more equal opportunities for women in STEM fields like and entrepreneurship, politics, and much more. Additionally, digital technology can allow us to gather data on discrimination based on gender and track progress towards attaining gender parity across the world.

We must take proactive actions to adopt digital technology to ensure gender equality. This might include initiatives such as investing in female-friendly code clubs or providing more courses in digital literacy specifically designed for females and girls. It is also important to make sure that these tools are available and affordable for everyone regardless of their the amount of money or where you live. Also, introducing laws that protect female employees from discrimination in the workplace and discrimination because of gender is vital. In addition, working with employers to create fair pay and policies that are fair to female workers can create a more equal work environment. By implementing these policies, you will be able to encourage greater participation of girls and women across various industries, thereby reducing the gap between genders that exists today.

What Can You Do To Help Advance Gender Equity?

There are many ways to promote gender equality in everyday routine. One way to help in achieving gender equality is by adopting technology that is digital and making it available to women living in your community. Digital technology has opened up new opportunities for women living in previously unserved or ignored regions, allowing women to take part in educational, economic development, and entrepreneurship. Through investing in the development of digital tools and training that are specifically designed for women, it is possible to to bridge the digital gap between women and men.

In adopting digital tools and assisting digital initiatives that promote digital tools, we can make huge advancements towards gender equality across the globe. From creating more digital tools that promote gender equality, including online textbooks, to educating more women in programming and coding, Digital tools can assist in helping to level the playing field. Digital tools can also be used to help promote gender equality in Africa by giving girls and women access online and portable devices which will provide them with essential access to resources and data.

What exactly is Cameras For Girls doing to improve gender equality?

Cameras For Girls Cameras for Girls We at Cameras For Girls strive to help young women and girls embrace their potential and realize their full potential using education and technology. We offer girls accessibility to cameras as well as training on how to make use of cameras. Through our in-person and online classes, women who are aspiring to become journalists will be able to develop their abilities in writing powerful visual stories and documenting their dreams, lives and their impact in their respective communities. Through harnessing the power of technology to produce meaningful content, amplify their horizons, and make impactful contributions, women will attain gender equality in the male-dominated world that they reside in, particularly with regard to their professional options and opportunities. This is the place where there’s a significant distinction, not just in terms of opportunities, but also in terms of pay.

How Can We Sustain The Momentum After International Women’s Day?

Although International Women’s Day marks a unique day to celebrate, however, it’s just one day. It is important to ask ourselves: what can we do to sustain the momentum following International Women’s Day?

One method to maintain the momentum is to use technology that promotes gender equality. Technology advancements allow us to utilize digital tools to broaden the discussion on gender equality after March 8. By using digital platforms, such as blogs, social media or websites, you are able to make a space for all people around the world to meet and discuss issues concerning gender equality. This will enable us to have an ongoing dialogue that goes beyond one day.

The best method to maintain the momentum following International Women’s Day is by continuing to work towards an equitable and sustainable future for girls and women across the globe. This involves having difficult discussions, challenging oppressive systems, and pursuing changes wherever it is feasible. Through daily action and putting in the effort, we can ensure the progress made since International Women’s Day continues beyond March 8.

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