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Want to update your photo blog bookmarks ASAP? Our favorite photography blogs have been gathered to give you some new and excellent tips.


You can get inspiration from other blogs to enhance your portfolio, resulting in more clients. You may be inspired to create your photoblog!

There’s a blog for everyone. Whether you want to learn how to photograph still life like Jeff Wall or expand your skills with more technical tutorials, you can find a blog.

We’ve collected 23 of our favorite blogs across various categories and industries for inspiration. If you feel motivated, we’ll break down the steps to set up your photography blog in a few hours at the end of this article.


Behind The Shutter

The photo blog Behind the Shutter is an excellent resource for anyone. The guide includes tutorials on advanced photography techniques. For example, how to perfect a portrait with just one light. Or how to use various gels to produce colored shadows. There’s a lot to learn, whether about tricks for getting a better ROI, reviews of cheap tools that have professional photography results, or interesting personal stories.

Cambridge in Colour

Cambridge in Colour has a rich and long-standing history. Be aware of the slightly dated interface. Since its founding in 2005, the site has grown to include many photographers and artists passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Cambridge in Colour does not call itself a blog, but its philosophy is to explain the why of something rather than show you what it means. The site covers everything from why sharpness in photo editing is misunderstood to why prints seem to lack the vibrancy they have on screen.

Cambridge in Colour is a comprehensive guide to photography. It covers everything from the latest techniques and styles to the best equipment and lenses.

DIY Photography

DIY Photography is a great online resource for improving your photography and business skills on a budget. DIYP is one of the most popular photography blogs online. It teaches how to work more efficiently and not harder.

Learn how to create professional portraits with a simple umbrella. You can also learn to take better pictures by improving your DSLR grip.

Dave Morrow Photograph

Dave Morrow has lived out the artist’s dream: he left a demanding, high-paying corporate job to follow his dream of becoming an amateur photographer.

He is now a landscape photographer who has created an impressive photography blog with various videos and guides for photographers.

Dave Morrow has taught you how to photograph dunes in a new way. He seems to enjoy nothing more than sharing his knowledge about landscape photography. Want to know more about how to build a landscape business? Visit our guides to learn how to create your landscape portfolio website and where you can sell your landscape photographs online.

He loves landscape photography but also enjoys sharing all he has learned about it. Want to know more about how to build a landscape business? Visit our guides to learn how to make your portfolio website for landscape photography and where you can sell landscape photography online.

Raj Photo Editor Tutorials

Photoshop is a powerful tool that allows you to create various effects. Knowing where to start and what to do can take time and effort.

Raj’s tutorial vlog will teach you everything, from the basics of photo editing to the more advanced stuff, like creating a photorealistic dragon on your phone. Raj’s YouTube channel is one of the most popular photo blogs for learning photo editing.

Travel Photography 

You will find here information about the latest travel gear and tips for photographers who want to explore the world. For example, you can learn how to pack effectively or prevent theft. Not just the stories and images but also their carefully selected images will grab your attention.

Beers and Beans

Beth and Randy can capture authentic, raw moments. They fall somewhere between photojournalism and standard travel blogs. Their piece on the brewmasters of America’s first seaside brewery is a good example. Beers and Beans, whether in the Patagonia foothills or on the streets of New York City, focuses less on traditional photo blogs and more on the human experience and what we can achieve by working together. Who wouldn’t like to volunteer in a Tuscany winery? Even if your head is hungover, Beth and Randy will still care for you.

Richard Bernabe

Traveling is a creative and literal journey for photographers. New surroundings can evoke new emotions, influencing how you document and see the world. Richard Bernabe’s travel photoblog, the gold standard in the industry, is written by a veteran adventurer. Bernabe’s travel blog is full of inspiring content, from tips on how to get the best shot on the road or clever hacks on how to fall asleep at 30,000 feet.

Around the World in 80 Years

Who says that a travel blog cannot have a strong activist bent? Around the World in Eighty Years, a blog by Jim O’Donnell, a passionate environmentalist, combines rants on conservation in the United States, ruminations about photography, and showcasing photos. His photographs are stunning and often used to illustrate important points, such as how deforestation affects Panama’s wildlife and its locals. This blog is also an excellent resource for tips about traveling mindfully around the world, such as reducing waste or your carbon footprint.

Blogs about portrait and photojournalism photography

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry has over 30 years of experience in portraiture. He is drawn to the real people he meets while traveling the world. On his photography blog, he has organized portraits by themes such as the everyday lives of coastal residents. Or, the many faces and expressions of courage with images from Finland, Tibet, Pakistan, Los Angeles, and all points in between. McCurry is now based in India, where he’s exploring that country’s vibrant, rich culture through his lens.

Fiona Kelly Photography

Fiona Kelly reveals the secrets of wedding photography in her blog. Kelly has spent the last five years sharing her experiences as an experienced wedding photographer. She also shares helpful tips that she’s picked up along the way. Kelly is an expert in the field. Her genuine passion and love for weddings are reflected in each thoughtful post. This is a great way to learn some techniques for starting your own business.

Feature Shot

Both work. The name says it all: Feature Shoot features work by established and up-and-coming photographers and publishes extensive profiles documenting their creative spirit.

Reportage from Getty Images

Reportage is a photography blog that features some of the world’s most talented photographers, documentarians, and emerging talents, including Peter Dench, Paula Bronstein, and Laurent Van der Stockt. Reportage is one of the most popular photography blogs on the internet.

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