Best Rising Photographers of May 2023

Photographers who live and travel across the globe. This is a collection of breathtaking photos shot by the photographers who are rising stars in May 2023, which you could consider using as an source of inspiration. We hope you will enjoy this collection. We thank you for to see an incredible array of images each month by submitting your work to our various calls for entries or even spontaneous portfolio submissions.

I started taking pictures after experiencing the wonder in the darkroom. For me, it was my grandfather who was the one to lure me into doing it. He always carried an unfilled slide mount in his wallet. If he didn’t have a camera and he was not carrying a camera, he’d just bring the slide mount level towards his eyes to frame the entire world in that way. The memory of that moment has stuck in my mind. I no longer make use of a slide mount that is empty. The equipment is small enough to be with me for most of my time. In 1996, I relocated out of Paris into Brooklyn to become a professional photographer who specialized in the field of music and sports, as well as men’s fashion. I’m focused on my work in New York and South East Asia.

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Margo MacArthur, a San Francisco Bay Area photographer. Her street photography is influenced by a quest for identity and a sense of the process of discovery that arises from various life events. She is attracted by themes of reflection, separation, or alienation, and the quirk. Order is created through lines, shadows, light, and shapes, providing structure to the troubling and often melancholy feelings that arise from these themes.

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Hello, my name’s Lukasz Korulczyk. I’m 39 years old and reside in Pruszkow, a city near Warsaw in Poland. I am a product designer designing digital products. Additionally, I’m privileged to be the father of two incredible creatures: a dog named Felek and a cat called Osemka (eng. eight). The photography types closest to my heart are documentary and street photography. I feel most comfortable in it and practice it most of the time. But that doesn’t mean that I am not interested in other styles and occasionally shoot pictures of portraits and landscapes. My photographs have won awards in competitions that LensCulture and LensCulture organized – Critics’ Choice, Bialystok InterPhoto as well as Bialystok InterPhoto – Street Art Photo, and my photographs have been honored to be mentioned in competitions sponsored by IPA and Paris International Street Photo Award. From 2022 onwards, I began studying at the Association of Polish Art Photographers.”

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Over the past 20 years, I’ve been devoted to photography and fine art printing. During this time, I’ve offered photography services to companies, non-profit organizations, and media and news organizations. Street photography of mine has been displayed across the United States and published internationally. I earned a bachelor’s diploma in Fine Art from Grossmont College and further studies in Studio Arts at San Francisco State University. Another current project is an ongoing series titled Awakening, which is a photomontage series of pieces that rely on the overlaying of different images to reflect the work of the subconscious mind and memories that are amorphous and embedded. I also explored extensively other printing methods, including the platinum pallidum and the cyanotype.

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Since I started my studies at art school, photography has been an essential tool to study something more deeply or to develop something that doesn’t yet exist. In a well-crafted photograph, both functions are combined and present a piece of new knowledge pleasingly. The beauty of a picture composition is always a part of the long-lasting impact of the narrative told us through the image. At this moment, I’m asking myself how image perception can be “slowed down” again and what is the best way to ensure that our perception can be changed to match the speed of life. If there isn’t enough time for a closer glance and the attention required to a photograph, it is not as strong as its endurance over time.

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