Best Rising Photographers of April 2023

Every month, we find amazing work by photographers who travel and live across the globe. This is a collection of breathtaking photos shot by emerging photographers for April 2023 that you could consider using as inspiration. We hope that you like this collection. We thank you for allowing us to find an incredible array of images each month by submitting your work to our various calls for entries or spontaneous portfolio submissions.

Brice Gelot, also known under the moniker ”NSD51/50”, is a French-born street photographer/documentary photographer. He was born in and resides in Dijon, France. He started as an artist by himself and made his first picture in 2004. After that, he traveled worldwide and was employed by some magazines and brands. Nowadays, his work is featured in art galleries around the world. His photos reflect the street graffiti, tattoos, graffiti culture, and the dark aspects of our society, including poverty. Brice takes pictures of the world, the reality and truth of our city, sometimes with a poetic feel.

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Joanna Madloch was born in Poland and relocated to her home in the United States in her thirties. As a literature teacher in the United States, she devoted herself to photography. She blends her passions for literature, mythology, and photography by writing an essay about the photographer as an archetypal trickster.

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Gurgaon, (India) based street photographer and travel photographer based in Gurgaon (India). Capturing emotion is one of the most essential elements of the work of Mona Singh. She believes that it is necessary to create images that resonate with her. Although it’s the emotion of the subjects she’s capturing, she sees a photo of herself in the pictures. Her passion for unpredictably and candid moments provides her with the ability to discern visual order amid the chaos of life and an unmatched creative eye. She is a creative photographer who loves to capture the fantastic and bizarre moments that unfold in the view of her camera. She effortlessly blends art and emotions to create stories through her photos. Photographing for her was an empowering experience. Photography is the passion of her life. Traveling is like blood flowing through her veins. She enjoys waking up daily to discover new perspectives, meet new people, and travel the world.

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Marek Boguszak is an abstract photographer from Prague. His primary theme is the perfect arrangement and harmony of dunes that Newton created through his laws of Physics. His abstract style is an ancestor of his education in math. Alongside the wife, Magda, Marek transforms the original content of the drawing into a narrative of new meanings. Boguszak has been awarded numerous distinctions and honorable mentions. He has also showcased his work in exhibitions of group and solo career in Prague, Zurich, London, New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Campione, and Milan.

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 He was a full-time musician as well as an educator. He has recently begun being a professional photographer for a few hours and spends the remainder of his free time on street photography and fine art. Artists like Gorgio de Chirico, Jeffery Smart, and Caravaggio inspire Gavin. His photography influences are Ray K. Metzker and Alex Webb. He realized that photography could be a part of his daily meditation practice and could aid in focusing his mind and staying in the present. Gavin works on several street photography projects and participates in various International Group exhibitions.

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Ben Maciej Pawlowski (b. 1977 Poland) is a director of photography and photographer. He is a freelancer from Hamburg who shoots non-fiction tales for television and is a master of powerful storytelling within the frame. He has been chosen for his AAP Magazine, Volume 27 work. His style of visuals lets the viewer connect through his photos and provides his minimalist and abstract photographs with emotional depth.

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