Best Rising Photographers of March 2023

We are constantly finding stunning photography by photographers who travel and work across the globe. This collection contains amazing photos from photographers who are rising stars in March 2023, which you can consider using as source of inspiration. We hope that you like this compilation. We thank us for allowing us to find such amazing photographs each month via our diverse call for entries, or portfolio submissions that are spontaneous.

All about Radana Kucharova

Barbara Hazen’s work focuses on the inner self and the interplay between memories and family scrapbooks and focuses on the cyanotype and platinum palladium techniques. Her most recent work utilizes floral imagery to examine beauty in the beginning and at the end of life. Hazen earned a BS in photography from UCSB and later attended the California Culinary Academy. After a food service manager stint, Hazen returned to her photography. Her work has been published in numerous publications. It has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions such as the Center for Photographic Art, ASmith Gallery, HLiiC Gallery, The Plaxall Gallery, CordenPotts Gallery, The Image Flow, SoHo Photo Gallery, Sorensen Gallery, LightBox Gallery along with Focus Gallery.

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The Italian was born in Rome around 1968, following the beginning of a formal artistic education; Claudia Tombini studied Architecture at La Sapienza University. After graduation, she pursued the path of pursuing a PhD in the field of Architecture Theories and Design at the DIAR department at the same university. Actively involved in her community in 2006, she has carried her work after a 3-year experience with Studio A4 and has received numerous recognitions and distinctions. A specialist in architectural design, She has always merged with design research. Her most recent project is the renovation of the Troisi Cinema in Trastevere. In 2016, she started an independent photographic study and has been involved in several of Officine Fotografiche’s initiatives. In 2019/20, she will be a part of the “Human” curatorial workshop with Luigi Cecconi and Francesco Rombaldi of Yogurt Magazine, during which she will develop her idea for Moving To LineTo.

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The birthplace of Jacqueline Walters was Cambridge, England; Jacqueline Walters is a fine art photographer who lives in San Francisco. She graduated with a master’s at San Francisco State University and a bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Berkeley. Both are in English Literature. Through literature, she came across photography. In her art practice, she explores the notions of changing the place by layering space, time, and memories. Since 2009, her work has been shown throughout The San Francisco Bay Area at Corden|Potts Gallery, Gray Loft Gallery, Rayko Photo Center, Santa Clara University along with The Center for Photographic Arts as well as at Oregon in the LightBox Photographic Gallery; in New York at the SOHO Photo Gallery and at the SOHO Photo Gallery in Massachusetts in The Griffin Museum of Photography; and many more galleries throughout and around the United States, and internationally at the Complesso Monumentale of San Giovanni in Catanzaro, Italy, and The 11th Shanghai International Photographic Festival Invitation Exhibition in Shanghai, China. LENSCRATCH, SHOTS, and AAP Magazine have featured her work. Walters’s work is included in private collections across the country and internationally. She was a 2019 Griffin Museum of Photography solo exhibit winner.

Everything About Jacqueline Walters

Jaroslav Mares, who graduated from Jaroslav Mares, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, is a designer in Policka, a town of a few hundred inhabitants in the Czech Republic. Photography has been a passion of his since childhood. He has been creating a lot of photographs of fine art for the past ten years. It is founded on the belief that art photography should concentrate on the extraordinary within ordinary surroundings. His photos are mostly spontaneously triggered by life’s fascinating scenes and circumstances. He has organized numerous author projects and exhibitions and was a part of many others. His photographs have been commended multiple times and published in magazines for photography.

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