Make Money Through Your Indirect Methods


Now we will look at ways to make money that are a little more “indirect” – how to earn by your blog rather than through.

The following methods are primarily based on the perceived expertise and profile of the blogger (whereas the previous techniques were less dependent upon this).

It takes time to build a reputation as a blogger. Starting a blog to achieve some of these goals should be viewed as a long-term thing. It took around 12 months to see opportunities in these areas. However, these opportunities may be available sooner due to the increased speed at which you can now build your brand online.

You can also consult.

You will notice that when you are seen as an authority on a particular topic, people will naturally seek your advice. Some of them may even be willing to pay you. Bloggers in some niches may be better placed than others to earn money as consultants. Recently, I talked with a blogger (blogging about business/technology) who could charge $600 an hour for advice. Bloggers sell appointments on their calendars through a booking application or an all-in-one solution such as Book Like a Boss. These 1:1 consultations are usually at the top of a list of digital or consulting services offered by bloggers.

  • Neil Patel’s expertise in SEO and content marketing has helped him build a successful business. He provides consulting services for companies and individuals who want to improve their digital strategies and boost their online visibility.
  • Amy Porterfield, a blogger and expert in online marketing, hosts “Online Marketing Made Easy.” She provides insights and resources about social media marketing and list-building through her blog and online courses. Amy Porterfield has expanded her business to include consulting services. She works closely with clients to develop and implement successful marketing strategies.
  • Joanna Wiebe founded Copyhackers, an online training platform and blog dedicated to persuasive writing and conversion copywriting. Joanna Wiebe has used her expertise to provide consulting services to companies aiming to improve copywriting and conversion optimization.

These examples show how successful bloggers can leverage expertise and credibility to offer consulting services within their niches. These bloggers built successful consulting businesses by sharing their knowledge and offering personalized guidance. They helped clients reach their marketing and business objectives.

Employment Opportunities

Many companies hire bloggers as consultants and full-time because of their expertise. Here are a few examples of how a blog can be used as an online CV.

  • Lindsay Ostrom began her food blog Pinch of Yum, where she posted recipes and shared food photography in 2010. Her blog attracted a large following, and her photography skills caught the attention of Williams-Sonoma. She was hired as a full-time recipe developer and photographer.
  • Gina Luker was the blogger behind The Shabby Creek Cottage, a DIY and home décor blog. The success of her blog and her expertise in crafting and home decor led to a retail home improvement company hiring Gina Luker to lead DIY workshops and create content for its customers.

Successful blogs can lead you to new career opportunities, partnerships, and even employment with companies that want to tap into your expertise, industry knowledge, and audience reach.

Business Blogging

Some businesses also hire people to blog as part of their primary role. They recognize that bloggers can create engaging, authentic content for their target audience. Hiring bloggers solely to create content for the company blog allows the company to tap into its expertise and audience. This enhances the brand’s presence online.

  • Kate Arends founded the lifestyle blog Wit & Delight, which covers topics like fashion, home décor, and personal growth. She was hired by Target as a full-time blogger and content creator, working for their website and social media platforms.
  • The Toren brothers, Adam and Matthew Toren started the blog, which provided resources, tips, and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. The success of their blog led them to be hired by Dell to work as full-time content creators and bloggers, contributing to the company’s entrepreneur-focused efforts.

ProBlogger jobs are worth following if these are the types of positions you’re interested in. Hundreds of job listings are posted monthly in a wide range of niches. You can create job alerts using keywords related to your place.

Book Deals

As I browse my RSS feeds, I find that many of the bloggers I follow have a book in production or will soon be released. It’s essential to be seen as an authority in your field. If you can do this, publishers will be more open to hearing about ideas and will sometimes even approach you. Publishers are increasingly recognizing that not only do some writers have excellent writing skills, but they also have a lot of material on their blogs ready to be turned into a book. Self-publication may be a good option if you have built an audience through blogging.

  • Ree Drummond (also known as The Pioneer Woman) started her blog to share stories about her life on a farm and her passion for cooking. The success of her blog led to a book contract. Since then, she has written several cookbooks, including “The Pioneer Woman’s Cooks: Recipes From an Accidental Countrygirl,” a New York Times Bestseller.
  • Jenny Lawson is known as the Bloggess. She gained fame through her blog, where she shared personal stories with humor. She was offered a book contract and published “Let’s pretend this never happened: A mostly true memoir,” which became a best seller and launched her writing career.
  • Brandon Stanton, a photographer, and writer, is behind the blog Humans of New York. He began the blog to tell the stories of the people he met on the streets in New York City. His blog was widely recognized, leading to a book deal. He has written several books, including stories and photographs of people he’s met, such as “Humans of New York,” and “Humans of New York Stories.”

These examples show how bloggers with a strong presence online and a loyal audience through their blogs were able to land book deals and become successful authors. Publishers were drawn to their unique voices and storytelling skills, allowing them to share their perspectives and experiences through printed works.


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