Open Photographer of the Year Dinorah Graue Obscura

Dinorah Graue Obscura at the Awards night ceremony in London

Congratulations on receiving with the Open Photographer of the Year title. What is it like being a winner of one of the most prestigious photography contests?

I am extremely honored to be voted the 2023 Open Photographer of the Year. This is an enormous honor given that over 200,000 images from more than 200 countries and territories were submitted. My image was selected from all of them gives me immense happiness.

In the past, you were awarded your first Alpha Female Award. Was it something about Sony World Photography Awards that makes you want to participate each year?

The unbeatable combination of inclusiveness diversity, a variety of subjects and its traveling nature creates this year’s Sony World Photography Awards one of one of a kind. The year I was awarded the Alpha Female Award, I had the opportunity to verify this fact on my own. The Crowned Tree Frog picture was part of the exhibition that traveled in the past year, providing me with exposure, and showcased my photography of wildlife across the globe. With all this plus more, I would not wish to miss any reason.

The winning photo is a black and white photo that shows two caracaras with crested crests located in Southern Texas. Tell us the meaning behind this photo?

I went on a trip in June the previous year to a stunning ranch located in Southern Texas. I recall that we were shooting Crested Caracaras on the day. When I woke up, I noticed two resting on a tree in a similar manner approximately 20 metres from the spot that we were capturing the other birds. Because I had just one shot to capture that moment in time, I didn’t change the shutter speed. They were looking in the exact same direction and were not moving. It was like they were posing for me. They sat in the same positions, looking at the sky beyond the frame. I was stunned by their imposing personalities. They appeared like they were real. I decided to alter the picture from black to white to highlight their stunning beauty. I’ve always strived to share the beauty I find in nature, as well as the individuality of all my animals that I photograph in my photos. I am certain that “Mighty Pair” conveys the amazing feeling I experienced while shooting these beautiful and stunning bird of prey.

Dinorah Graue Obscura accepts her prize at the Awards night ceremony in London

Your photo was recently showcased on display at Somerset House and will soon start a worldwide tour. What was it like to see your photo printed and displayed on the walls of the exhibition?

The exhibition had just opened to the public, I had the chance to stand alone in front of my photo. It was a truly amazing experience. It was like I could go back in time and recall the exact moment that I snapped the photo. I continue to feel goosebumps whenever I think of that first moment when I entered the room and observed how the image was displayed in its entirety. The most appropriate way to describe it is pure joy.

It’s only been a few days after you’ve received this award However, has anything remarkable happened since the announcement?

Yes. I’ve noticed that a number of publications and news organizations have published articles that have included me in the story. I’ve also been invited to do interviews.

Dinorah Graue Obscura’s winning image at Somerset House in London

Have you thought of any ideas on what you’ll be using your prize money?

Yes, I’ll make use of the winnings to purchase more photography equipment.

What do you think that the Awards can boost your career?

With the awe-inspiring reputation that comes with the Sony World Photography Awards and its travel-based nature I am sure that this award will aid in the global diffusion of my work as a photographer of wildlife.

What do you feel that the Awards encourages inclusivity in photography?

There are numerous examples of the excellent job done by Sony along with these Awards provide to help promote inclusion like for instance, the Latin America National Awards and the Latin America Professional Award. Additionally, based on my own personal experiences, I can inform you that last year, I was awarded an award called the Alpha Female Award, an award that emphasizes the contribution women make to the media.

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